How to Join BGMI Esports in India? - (Beginner Guide) 2023

How to Join BGMI Esports in India? – (Beginner Guide) 2023

Hello BGMI Lover, Welcome to In this article, we will discuss Bgmi eSports. We will cover all your doubts regarding eSports. So, let’s get started.

eSports is a Sports video game played in a Custom room amongst Top Competitive Players. Esports tournaments usually consist of professional gamers competing against each other for a cash prize.

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For Example, In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) 25 Squad Compete amongst each other and the Last Standing Squad will Win. In Esports there is Multiplayer as well as Single Player Video Games Available. But, Many Esports Organizers organize Only Multiplayer tournaments. In Clash Royale Tournament, You can Compete Single or with a Team.

What is eSports?

eSports is a tournament of a particular Video Game amongst Top Players. eSports is made up of 2 words e and Sports. eSports means electronic sports, in which you have to compete with your opponent electronically (Smartphones or Computers).
eSports is a Competitive Video Gaming platform.

Many Video Games companies organize eSports as a Championship with a Big Price Pool of 1$ – 100$ million. The international 10 has the highest eSports price poll of 34$ Million till now. So, I hope you will get clear about what is eSports. Now, let’s see how can you Join and play eSports.

How to Join eSports in India?

Esports is Highly Competitive and one of the Fastest Growing Industries in the World. In the past few decades, Esports has Got Deep roots in India due to PUBG Mobile. Playing Video Game at a Professional Level Require a lot of Skills, Dedication, and Hard Work.

You will need to acquire expertise in a game and prove yourself in the community in order to build your career in the esports Industry. Once, you make your presence in the esports industry, You will definitely gonna Earn Lots of Fame and Money.

Now, I am going to tell you 8 Simple Steps. These steps will teach you esports from the Basic to the Advanced level. After reading these steps you will get all cleared about eSports and its Mechanism. So, Let’s See How can you Start your Carrier in esports?

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1. Choose Your Game and its Platform

There are many Video Games Available for esports. Firstly, you have to choose a game in which you can be a Master. More importantly, You should Choose a Game that you love to Play and Never get Bored with it because you have to play it a Lot.

Suppose you Choose 3 Games that you love to Play. Now, you have to practice these games and make sure that you really enjoy the game and feel almost confident in your skills before deciding which one you will start playing professionally or in eSports. If you feel bored while playing that game, you should move to the Other Game. Remember, in eSports, you have to master a Single game. So, Always Focus on a Single game and try to Conqueror that Game.

Now, You have picked your game for Competitive. If the game you have picked is available on a variety of platforms, You will need to choose which Platform will suit you best. i.e. Smartphone, PC, Console, etc.

2. Master in Your Game

To be the Best Competitive Player you need to practice a lot in a Single Game. If you want to become a Master in Esports you have to become a master in your game. You will really need to know the mechanics, tactics, and Scenarios of your Game.

If you are really serious about esports, you have to give more time to your game. Scheduling your practice hours is good practice and it will help you stay committed and consistent. You should even write a list of areas you need to work on and pick Some times to Fix them.

3. Watch and Study Other Players

Watching Esports Player’s Videos is Good Practice to Develop and Sharp our Mindset for Competitive Gaming. You can learn a lot from other players who have mastered eSports. If you watch their Videos you will get to know their Tactics, what they do in Tough Situations, etc.

4. Find Other Players with the Same Interest

Once, you entered in gaming Industry, You will meet lots of New Players. You have to make new friends and always try to learn New from your Friends. The best Player is One who always tries to learn something new every day. You can find lots of New friends on Forums, Groups, or even on Instagram, you will get lots of players with the same game interests.
Now, you have Your Picked game and some Friends for Best eSports practice. You have to practice a lot and try to gain Skills in those games.

5. Make your Online Appearance

Making online preference is significant for a Successful carrier in eSports. Online Appearance means you have to create your branding name on the internet. You have Chosen your Game, now you have to Choose your Unique Name by which people will Identify you.
Once, you Choose your Gaming Name, you have to create your Account on Different Social Media Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, you have to create Content related to your Game and Try to attract Followers to your Accounts.

With time, you will get Skills and Followers on your Account. This will help you most for your Successful eSports carrier. Once, you have Some amount of Followers, you will get sponsors and you can Generator a lump sum Amount of Money through your Content.

6. Join or Create a Team or Clan

If you have chosen multiplayer games, you need to find Players that work as a team. You have to make a Proper Team that coordinates with each other. Now, You have two Options Whether you can Create your Own League or else you can Join Others Clan. Making your own Clan is the Best practice for esports.

Now, If you want to Join Others Big clans like Fnatic, IND, Entity, etc. You have to Show your Skills by Participating in Some Higher level Competitive Customs or Scrims. Once, you make your Bold Presence in your Chosen game. Many Clans will approach you to Join their Clan and play for them and they will pay you for this.

7. Show your Ability in the Game

Once, you did all the above steps. Then you have to make your Bold Appearance in the Gaming Sector. For this, you can Upload your Gameplay on different Social Media Platforms or forums. If your gaming Skills are really Impressive many People will Connect with you. Perform extreme in Competitive Customs. Always, Learn New and Improve your Skills in that particular game.

Once, you are confident with your gaming skills. You can apply for an eSports Tournament of that particular game. The different games have different rules to get into their tournaments. Some games invite their in-game Top Players like Clash Royale for Some you have to make Qualify.

Some Esports may take Some Entry Charge to Join for this you must have a Budget or You can Join Some Big clan so they Pay entry charges and you just need to Play that Game. To View the Criteria, you can visit your game’s official esports Page and you will get all the information about how to Join and the requirements to Join that game esports.

8. Create Money in esports

If you have enough Followers you can Monetize your Online Presence Platform by Showing Advertisements. You can also generate good amounts by Playing Tournaments with good Price pools. Now, Once, you get Popular many Companies will approach You and Say to Promote their Brand and through this, you can really generate Huge Amounts. Some of, Best Companies are One Plus, Intel, red bull, etc.

You should also Perform Live Streaming on YouTube or Twitch and try to collect Crowd Funding and collect Money through Donations or SuperChats. Making Money throw Gaming requires lots of Dedication, Consistency, and Hard Work.

So, These are Simple 8 Steps by using this Technique you can Join and Make a Successful Carrier in the eSports Industry.

Future and Carrier in eSports in 2023

In the previous few decades Craze of esports has been boosted in India Due to PUBG Mobile. Many Company is ready to Invest in the esports Industry. The market value of India’s gaming industry was around 90 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2020 and its Increasing Rapidly and is expected to have 143 billion Indian rupees by 2023.

So, Choosing a Carrier in eSports is one of the Best Decisions in 2023. There, is Clearly Not end to the gaming Industry in the Upcoming Decades. Some companies which are actively arranging esports at Higher Levels are Nazara, resynthesis, Gaming Monk, etc. BGMI Esports Official Website.

So, this is all about Esports. I hope your all doubts will get cleared about How to Join Esports and its Carrier in the Future in 2023. If you like this article let us know in the Comment Section and if you think we have forgotten Something lets Us know and we will fix all your Query. Thank You.

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