5+ Best Pubg Mobile 3 Finger Claw Control Layout (New 2023)

Best and Pro 3 finger claw setting in PUBG mobile. So, you can set up like that and become a Pro. 3-finger claw setup. 3-finger claw for gaming of pubg. ultimate three-finger claw setup.

Pubg Mobile 3 Finger Claw
Pubg Mobile 3 Finger Claw

Here’s a detailed guide for a 3-finger claw layout in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Left thumb: Movement
  2. Right thumb: Aim
  3. Right index finger: Shoot/Interact

With this layout, your left thumb will control your character’s movement, while your right thumb will handle aiming. Your right index finger will handle shooting, as well as interacting with objects such as opening doors, picking up items, and reloading.

To make the most of this layout, you may want to adjust the placement of the buttons based on your personal preference and the size of your device. Some players prefer to move the shoot button closer to the center of the screen to make it easier to tap quickly, while others may prefer to keep it closer to the edge of the screen for better visibility.

While a 3-finger claw layout may not provide the same level of precision and speed as a 4 or 5-finger claw, it can still be an effective way to improve your gameplay in PUBG Mobile. With practice and a bit of experimentation, you can find the best setup for your play style and device.

Best and Pro Three finger Claw setup in PUBG mobile

 In this article, I gonna show you the best setup and setting for 3 finger claws in pubg mobile. This is gonna be a Pro setup for the thumb players. For setting you can choose your own I am not going to show sensitivity setting adjust it to your own comfort. Enable peak and fire, peak and scope at your own risk. It totally depends on you whether you are comfortable in that setting or not.

Ultimate 3 Finger claw setup.

This is very simple for a beginner who jumped from 2 to 3 fingers.

This is a very interesting setup. By using this recoil control become simple.

This is also one of the best setups for 3 finger player.

Now you can say that this is a little bit of advanced function for 3 finger claw.

This is a Pro setup for pubg mobile with 3 fingers.

You can change the above setup according to our needs. Make the setup that better suits you and your gameplay. Remember practice and practice make you best and Pro. Practise is the only thing that makes a noob to Pro, a Pro into a legend, and a legend into an ultra legend.

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