99+ Best BGMI Quotes, Status & Captions | (Boys & Girls) 2023

Hey BGMI Lovers, are You Looking for the Best Battlegrounds in Mobile India Aka BGMI Quotes, Captions, Signatures, Shayri, & More? So, In this article, Your All Query Regarding BGMI will get Cleared. Most of the Pro & Noob BGMI Players Upload their Gameplay Videos with Attractive and Stong BGMI Captions, Which Help to Elevate the Value of that Video and Make People Watch Sincerely.

BGMI Quotes

BGMI Quotes 2023

As we all Know After PUBG Ban Many Gamers Got Upset and Stop Playing PUBG. Now, After a Long Period of 8 Months, PUBG Mobile Comes in a New Avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Now, All India Players are Full Charged to Show their Skills & Potential. Many Player Again Starts to Make Montages & Gameplay Videos.

So, to Make Your Videos & Gameplay More Powerful You Need Powerful BGMI Quotes in English or Hindi. So, We have Come up with All Your queries & You Will Find all the Answer Here.

BGMI Motivational & Attitude Quotes

  1. If You are Fast, You will never be Last.
  2. When You are Not Strong Enough, You Will Always Find Yourself on your Knee.
  3. We’re not born winners. We have to make ourselves winners by our dedication to the grind.
  4. The looser Will Come With the Whole Squad, But The Winner will Come SOLO.
  5. Avoid your enemy’s strengths & focus on the Weakness!
  6. BGMI is a Game of Reflex,
  7. Just Hide Behind The Bush or House Because Your Father Is Comming.
  8. I Just Leave PUBG for a Few Months, But I Will Show My Skills on BGMI.
  9. BGMI Teach Us, If You Believe in Yourself, You will Never get Disappointed.
  10. This is Not a Battleground of India, This is My Battleground.
  11. I’m Not Noob, I had just started.
  12. Never forgive Ourselves for being a #Lover to BGMI, because it has Eliminated the Pain given to us by the Entire world.
  13. We don’t play games where winning is fixed. Because victory is sweet when there are lots of risks.
  14. Conqueror is Not just a Title, It’s an Emotion.
  15. Beta Baap se Panga Nhi lete

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BGMI Funny Quotes

  1. IN PUBG My Aim is so Bad, that even times the Enemies also get Frustrated.
  2. Kids go to School, Men Go to Pochinki.
  3. Sometimes when you die you’ll say, That Glitch is a B**ch!
  4.  I Lost because I am a Vegetarian! No Winner, No Chicken Dinner.
  5. Before Playing BGMI I always pray to PUBG GOD & Beg to Don’t Lag!
  6. We don’t need beautiful, we need battery full.
  7. AWM is Green & Kar98 is Brown I love my Level 3 Helmet as my Crown!
BGMI Quotes for Boys & Girls

BGMI Quotes for Boys & Girls

  1. life is like a BGMI game, it knocks you down but your loved ones will always be there to revive you.
  2. BGMI addicted boy and Tiktok addicted girl Can be the best couple ever, they will never have time to fight.
  3. Hamein wo nahin chahiye jo dil jala sake, hamein wo chahiye jo Kar 98 chala sake.
  4. Playing BGMI is better than playing with someone’s heart.
  5. I’m a Sniper, Can Someone be my 8x?
  6. Breaking LVL 3 helmet is Easy, then Breaking Someone’s Heart.
  7. Playing with Girls is Still a Dream of Many Boys.
  8. Don’t Compare Girls with a Bot, Bots are Now More Advanced,
  9. A broken heart, an empty pocket, and those random squad matches will teach you the hardest session of your life.
  10. You can always feel safe in my arms I’ll never let you go.
  11. Dear Boys, BGMI girls are more Hotter than Real Life Girls?

BGMI Love & Addition Quotes

  • Victory is not my greed, it determines my performance.
  • Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.
  • For once in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, it just happens.
  • Play solo VS squad on the Ground, to Heal my Wound,
  • NOOB= Newborn+Overloaded+Outgoing+Baby!
  • If You are Conqueror, I’m a Drill Expert.
  • Mom: You should get married Now! Me: I am already married to BGMI Mom!
  • My Girlfriend told me to Choose Her or BGMI, You know I Miss her Sometimes.
  •  BGMI is Life when there is no Girlfriend or Wife!
  • Winners are not those who escape and hide, but those who die and fight.

BGMI Guns Quotes

  • One-Shot, One Kill.
  • M416 + AWM is Destructive of Brothers.
  • Groza Near, You will Get Fear.
  • I am ready with Wine Because Chicken Dinner is Only Mine.
  • You Can Not Even Snore With Shotgun, But You Can Roar With M4!
  • All Bgmi Lovers Are Crazy For AWM As They Are Crazy For Girls!

BGMI vs Free Fire Quotes

  • If A BGMI Fan Plays Freefire, He Is Disrespecting BGMI!
  • id Plays Freefire, Man Plays COD, Legends Play Battlegrounds Mobile India!
  • Freefire Will Give You A Noob Tag, Where Pubg Will Give You A Pro Tag With Additional Swag!
  • Whole Free Fire Size is Equal to BGMI Miramar Map.
  • Playing Pubg Can Increase The Reflex Speed Of Your Brain’s Motor Neurons, Which Helps In Fast Responses & Speed Ups Our Brain Reply Speed

BGMI Quotes Images & Wallpapers

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