5+ Best BGMI Triggers (Controllers) in India

Hey, Battlegrounds Mobile India Lovers are You Looking for the Best BGMI or PUBG Triggers to Enhance Your Gaming Experience and Skills? So, In this article, I’m going to Show You Some Best and most Affordable BGMI Triggers which You can Buy in India. So, Let’s get started.

BGMI Trigger suits those Who want to grind hard and it will Make Your Reflex Better. At the beginning of the Game, Most of the Player plays with 2 Fingers, and with time they shift to 3, 4, and 6 Finger Claw. We are Not Saying that Using Trigger will definitely Make You Pro Players, But, Yes at Some How it will Enhance Your Gaming Experience.

BGMI Triggers

As we know, 4 or 6 fingers are better than 2 fingers because in 4 or 6 fingers you can do many things at a Sametime i.e. Prone, Shoot, Jumo, Peak, etc. It is also Very Usefull for those, whose Device Width Size is Small and it is Hard to Play with Your Own 4 Fingers.

You need to Spend time and had hard practice to learn to play BGMI with your own 4 fingers. If you don’t want to give time to practice or don’t have time then a PUBG trigger (controller) can help you. It helps you to Drastically Shift from 3 to 4 Finger.

What is Trigger?

The trigger is a Device that connects with Our Gaming Smartphones and Provides us with 2 Extra Buttons, i.e. R1 and L1 on Top of smartphones. This Usually helps Players to use 4 Finger Easily. Triggers that have been designed specifically for BGMI help gamers move, turn, aim, and shoot.

There are Lots of triggers Available in the Market with a Variety of Price Range. So, We have Chosen some best Triggers which will Definitely Give you the Best Gaming Experience.

List of Best BGMI Triggers in 2022

Trigger NamePlatformPrice
Rhymestore BattleMods TriggersAndriod & iOS345
Karma Enterprise ControllerAndriod & iOS₹ 499
AK16 PUBG Trigger ControllerAndriod₹ 334
FLOTEX Conductive TriggerAndriod & iOS₹ 349
SHOMEX Controller Andriod & iOS₹ 197
TASLAR Controller with CoolingAndriod & iOS₹ 1,199
GameSir F4 FalconAndriod & iOS₹ 3,499

1. Rhymestore BattleMods Triggers

Blue Shark Colored Controller will take your gaming skills to the next level, simulating a game controller experience. You can aim and shoot with this Controller at the same time. Not Only, but BGMI or PUBG also Supports lots of Other Popular Games like Free fire, Call Of Duty, Fortnite, etc.

2. Karma Enterprise Controller

This Controller is Best for 6 Finger Claw Players. Its Special Design helps you use your index and middle fingers to press the L1 R1 L2 R2 triggers, that shooting, aiming, left/ right tilted head, moving, jumping, squatting, and lying operations can be performed simultaneously. This helps in a BATTLE ROYALE GAMES – Work for PUBG Mobile, BGMI, COD Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Etc.

3. AK16 PUBG Trigger Controller

2 in1- 4 Fingers Pubg Game Assistant with Highly Sensitive Triggers, Left and Right Tilt Probe, Fast Shooting. It comes with a Combo of Red and Blue in Single Controllers.

4. FLOTEX Conductive Trigger

This Product with a Finger Glove and a trigger. Finger Glove helps you to slide Your Finger on Screen Smoothly. Sometimes we fill Screen Sticky Because of Sweat. With the help of this, the Sweating Problem will be No More.

5. SHOMEX Controller

This is the Other Light Weight BGMi trigger that helps you to Make Your Battlegrounds Mobile India Experience More Exciting.

6, TASLAR Controller with Cooling

Best Trigger for Bgmu with Cooling
Source: Amazon. in

Taslar is one of the Most Amazing & Comfortable Controllers for Battlegrounds Mobile India. This Bgmi Controller comes with an in-build Silent Cooling Fan, Which helps to Cooldown Your Smartphone in Extreme conditions & Provides a Smooth Gaming Experience. You can use up to 6 fingers with the Controller.

Compatible with all touchscreen devices and ideal for enhancing touch sensitivity.

7. GameSir F4 Falcon

1 click 3 burst Controller

GameSir Mobile Game Controller F4 Falcon is the Most Advanced trigger which provides lots of Unique Features. : F4 controller is a deadly weapon to take enemies down fast and it is armed with the “selector” the same as the real M16A4 does, which you can select a suitable burst mode according to the battlefield status.

Pros and Cons of Using BGMI Triggers

Make Gaming Experience SmoothMight be Difficult to Use in Beginning
Help to Shift from 2 to 4 fingers with EaseIt May generate Pressure on the Screen
Help to Improve Close Range
Easy to Play with 4 Finger

Also, Read

is it, Using a BGMI trigger is Illegal?

No, Using Triggers in Matches is Not illegal. It might be Not Allowed in Some Custom Matches.

Which is the Best Trigger For BGMI in 2022?

Karma Enterprise Controller is one of the Best Triggers which helps you to Play 6 Finger. You can Easily Switch from 2 to 6 Finger with the Help of this trigger.

So, this is all About BGMI Triggers. I hope you will Find the Best Trigger For Battlegrounds Mobile India. Clearly, Using Trigger will Not Gonna Male you a Pro Playe, You have to Grind Hard and Make More Practice. Trigger Just help you to Switch from 2 to 4 or 6 Finger with Ease. Thank You.

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