BGMI C1S1 M2 Leaks | 1 – 50 RP Awards | C1S1 M2 BGMI

Hello Bgmi Lovers, In this article we are going to see Confirm Leaks of battlegrounds Mobile Inda C1S1 M2 Royale Pass Rewards. All are Conform Rewards for Bgmi C1S1 M2. As we Know Bgmi Royale Pass has 2 Phases M1 & M2. Both have 1 – 50 RP Rewards and you can buy each of them with 360 UC.

BGMI C1S1 M2 Royale pass Rewards

BGMI C1S1 M2 will release on 13-8-2021. Just after the end of BGMI C1S1 M1. In New Royale Pass System, Both RP & Non-Rp Players can tough the highest RP i.e. 50. It contains lots of Rewards for Both RP and Non-RP Players.

Now, Let’s see Some Leaks of Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S1 M2 Royalepass Rewards.

Bgmi c1s1 m2 leaks

C1S1 M2 Royale Pass 1 -50 Rewards

c1s1 m2 1st rp Reward

At RP 1 you will get a Legendary Outfit and a Legendary UZI Gun Skin.

bgmi c1s1 m2 10th rp Reward

At RP 10, you will get a New Legendary backpack Skin.

You will get a Parachute Skin at RP 20

You will get a Parachute Skin at RP 13.

bgmi c1s1  plane skin

Once, you reach RP 20 you will get a Permanent Legendary Plane Skin.

bgmi c1s1 m2 25 rp Outfit

At RP 25 You an Outfit available for Both Rp and Non-RP Players.

bgmi nade skin

A legendary Grenade skin is available at RP 30.

bgmi c1s1 m2 free gun skin

At RP 35 You will get a Free QBZ Gun skin for Royale pass and Non-Royale pass Gun Skin.

BGMI c1s1 m24 gun skin

Legendary Skin of M24 is available at RP 40 for Royale pass Players Only.

bgmi c1s1 m2 mythic outfit

Lastly, 50 RP Mythic Outfit name Marine Marauder Set. All the above images are taken from Mad Tamizha. Check out his Channel for more bgmi Leaks.

So, Guys, this is all about Bgmi 1 -50 RP Rewards of BGMI C1S1 M2. If you like this article or have any doubts please let us know in the comment section. Thank You.

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