Bgmi/ PUBG C2S4 M7 Release Date, 1 -50 RP Rewards, & Tier Rewards

BGMI M7 Royale Pass Release Date, RP Reward items, Events, Tier Rewards, & More: Battlegrounds Mobile India has Got a Deep Root in India. It has more than 50 Million Active Users in India. BGMI Release a New Royale Pass Every Month that includes exclusive Rewards, Outfits, Emote, etc. BGMI v1.7 had 2 Royale Pass (M5 & M6).

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Bgmi C2S4 M7 Release Date, 1 -50 RP Rewards, & Tier Rewards

BGMI/ PUBG Mobile M7 Royale Pass Release Date

Bgmi M7 will be available in Bgmi v1.8 Update. Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.8 will be released on 18 January. according, the Bgmi M7 Royale Pass Release Date is 19 January 2022 and the Ending Date is 19 February 2022.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Royale Pass can be bought with the help of 360 UC (Unknown Cash). 360 UC can be bought with Real Money of Rs. 420.

As Soon as BGMI v1.8.0 will Role Out in BGMI Official APK. BGMI v1.8 New Events will be Active for Particular Time. BGMI V1.8 has New & Exciting Events which are mentioned below.

  1. New Winter mode Theme and Lobby
  2.  Changes in UI
  3.  Stricter anti-cheat update – Device Ban
  4. Vikendi 2.0 – New Map

BGMI and PUBG M7 Tier Rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India provides Rewards If you Reach Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, & Conqueror tier in bgmi.

M7 Silver Tier Reward

bgmi m7 Silver Reward

M7 Gold Reward

BGMI M7 Gold Reward

M7 Platinum Reward

 BGMI M7 Platinum Reward

M7 Diamond Gun (Mk17)

BGMI M7 Diamond Gun (Mk17)

M7 Ace Parachute

BGMI  Crown Reward

M7 Ace Master Reward

bgmi ace master m7 Reward

M7 Conqueror Reward

bgmi c2s4 Conqueror Frame

Now, this is all About BGMI C2S4 Tier Rewards With Images.

BGMI/ PUBG C2S4 M7 RP (Royale Pass) Rewards

BGMI C2S4 M7 Royale Pass has Lots of Skins and Outfits. According to Leaks, It has 2 New Weapon Skins, 1 Vehicle Skins, 4 Outfits, 3 Emotes, etc. You can buy BGMI Elite Pass for 360 UC and Elite Pass plus for 960 UC.

bgmi m7 lobby
BGMI M7 New Lobby

We will Add Images of BGMI and Pubg C2S4 M7 RP Rewards when it’s got Conformed. BGMI 360 UC M7 Royale Pass provides a worth 26000 UC Rewards.

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