How to Join or Create Clan in Bgmi 2021 – BGMI Clan Information

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Hey, gamers, do you want to Join Clan in Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India), But, you don’t Know how to Join it. So, ln this article we are Going to See how to Join Clan in Battlegrounds Mobile India and the Advantages of Joining Clan in Bgmi. Also, we are Going to see Some Additional Information about BGMI Clans. So, let’s get started.

The clan is Important for those, Who want to Play at Higher or we can Say at the Competitive Level. Most of the Players are known by his Clan. let’s take an example, If you Hear Dynamo or Mortal, Which thing first Comes into Your Mind. is it Hydra and Soul? These players are Represented by their Clan Names. So, Playing Bgmi with a Clan name enhances your Popularity.

Join or Create Clan in Bgmi

Now, If you are Not a Competitive Player or Play Bgmi Just for Fun. Then, there are also Some Advantages of Joining Clan i.e. You will get Free Rewards. We will Discuss it Later in this article.

Benefit of Joining Clan in BGMI

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There is lots of benefit of Joing or Creating a Clan in Bgmi. Let’s see some one by one

  • New Friends: When you Join Someone Clan, You will see lots of new players. You can play with them and Make New Friend As well.
  • Increase Popularity: If you Join a Reputed Clan, Your Popularity Increases More People will get to know about You.
  • Free Rewards: There are lots of Rewards Available in the Clan Shop. If you Play BGMI for Some Hours, You can Collect Clan coins and Redeem them in Clan Shop.

Rewards Available in Clan Shops: Room Card, Outfit, Title, Frame, Popularity (Bike of 200), and Avatar.

Bgmi Clan Rewards

Also, if Some get a Legendary Item in Crate Opening, You will get Free Clan Coins in Perk Section in Clan Setting.

How to Create Clan In Bgmi?

Creating Clan in Battlegrounds Mobile India is a Very Simple and Straight Forward Process. Just, Follow the Process Below.

  • Open Bgmi and Click on Down Arrow present in Right-bottom
  • Click on Clan Option. Then, Click on Create Button.
Create Clan in Bgmi
  • write Your Clan Name and Clan Motto. Then, Select Your Clan tag
  • Click on Create Clan button.

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Congratulation Your Bgmi Clan is Created Successfully.

Note: You need 50,000 BP Coin to Create a Clan in Bgmi.

How to Join Clan in Bgmi?

If You want to Join someone Clan, let’s see how to do that.

  1. Open Bgmi and Click on Down Arrow present in Right-bottom
  2. Click on Clan Option. Then, Click on Clan List.
  3. You will see a list of Available Clans to Join.
  4. Choose any one of them and click on Request.
  5. If Clan is Open, You will directly Join that Clan. Else, the Leader will Approve your Request.
Join Clan in Bgmi

Now, if You want to Join Some Particular Clan, then You have to Contact the Leader and Co-leader of that Clan.

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Clan Level in Bgmi

When Clan Member Complete Matches in any Mode, the Clan gains Clan EXP which increase the level of the Clan

Higher Level Clans have Access to more Clan Privalages

  • Clan Size Increase
  • Better Items in Clan Shop

Which is the best clan in BGMI?

『ChAi乡ClaN』is the Best Clan in Bgmi, Managed by 『ChAi乡DarU』and 『ChAi乡RoTi』

What should I name my clan in BGMI?

GHøsT々๕ۣۜ[email protected]
Vıllʌıŋ 々Your Name
Kʌmııŋʌ 々Your Name
BʌdTämêêz 々Your Name
кιℓℓεя 々Your Name
ŘỖββẸŘ 々Your Name

So, this is all About Clans in Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India), If You like this article or have any Doubts or Query Pleaselet Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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