25+ BGMI/PUBG Custom Discord Servers | T1, T2, and T3 BGMI/PUBG Scrim Organizers

Hey BGMI or PUBG Lover, are you looking for Competitive Gaming? So, In this article, I will give a list of Top BGMI/PUBG Customs or Scrims Organizers. They Conduct Customs at a Competitive Level. T3 Battlegrounds Mobile India Customs Discord Server List. Top Discord Servers for T1 & T2 BGMI and PUBG Scrims.

Many of the below Discord Servers are Promotion Based. If Your Team Perform Well in T3 Customs You will get Promoted to T2. They Provide the Best Opportunity for Underdogs to Compete against Best or ideal Team.

BGMI Custom Discord

What are BGMI/PUBG Customs or Scrims?

Customs is just like a Normal Classic Match, there are Only Selected Players Can Join that Room. The player who has that room ID and Password can Only Join that Particular room and No Random Players can enter the room.

Scrim is a Professional Way of Arranging Custom Rooms. Now, what is Scrims? Scrim is a term used for arranging Practise Matches among Professional and Competitive Player

Scrims are Divided into 3 types T1, T2, and T3 (T stands for Tier). T3 Scrims players are Mixed players. i.e. You will find all types of Players in T3 Scrims. Once, You Perform well in T3 Your Team will get Promoted to T2 and as well T1.

List of BGMI/PUBG Custom Discord Servers

T1 + T2 + T3 BGMI and PUBG Custom Discord Servers

BGMI/PUBG Customs or Scrims Organizers

So, this is a list of top esports Organizers in India. You can Join the above Servers and which Server Suits you best you can stick with that.

Special thanks to TraceOP for Providing all the Discord Server Link in One Place. You can Check his Channnel for BGMI Related Content.

How to Join BGMI or PUBG Customs (Scrims)?

BGMI Customs or Scrims is a Normal Classic Match against several players or teams. Your Emeny will be Tougher than a Normal BGMI Classic Match.

  • To Join BGMI Customs or Scrims, First You have to Join Orgainzer Discord Server.
  • The organizer will Announce the Customs Date & Time. Accordingly, You have to Register Your Team for that Match.
  • Once, You register Your Team. The organizer will Your Team a Slot Number.
  • Before 15 Minutes of Match time, Organizer will Give You your ID & Passowrd.
  • You have to Come with Your Squad & Sit on Allotted Slot Number.

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