Bgmi vs Pubg – Bgmi Inventory After Transfer from PUBG Mobile

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Hey Fellow Gamerz, I hope You are Doing well and Enjoying PUBG Mobile with Your Squad. As we all Know BGMI Early Access Download Option is Now Enable for all Of Us. So, In this article, we are Going to See some differences after Transfer your PUBG Global Account to BGMI. BGMI Inventory, title, Frames, Achievements, and More. So, let’s Get Started.

BGMI Inventory After Transfer

Now, Once You Download BGMI, You will see a Transfer Option in Settings. Transferring Account is a Really Simple and Straight Forward Process. Your BGMI Inventory is gonna be 100% the Same as PUBG Mobile. There is no loss of any Skins and Rewards. You will find Your Inventory the Same as PUBG Global.

bgmi inventory

When you first login in BGMI You will get a Rename Card and Dress Crate.

BGMI Titles & Achievement

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Bgmi has the Same title as available in Pubg Mobile i.e. Weapon Master, Well-Liked, Overachiever, etc. You will get a new title Names β€œCelebration Expert” after login into Battlegrounds India. We can Say our Frame and Avatar in BGMI will be the same as Available in PUbg Mobile. Likes, RP Points, Achievement Points have No Differences in BGMI.

BGMI inventary

What we loss after Tranfer PUBG Mobile Account into BGMI

When you Transfer Your PUBG Mobile Global Account into BGMI, You lose Your Clan, Friends, and Popularity. Yes, Your Popularity became 0 and Your Previous Clan will be deleted In BGMI, You have to start from the bottom. Your all Friends will be Removed from your list.

BGMI friend List
BGMI Popularity

If You like this article or have any Doubts, Please let Us Know In Comment Section. Thank You.

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