35+ BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Gun Sound Download

35+ BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Gun Sound Download

Hello Guys, In this article, we are going to see the Gun Sounds of all the Weapons in Bgmi or Battlegrounds Mobile India. You can easily Download BGMI or pubg Mobile Gun Ringtone for Free. All the Gun Sounds are Uploaded in HD Voice Pack.

You can Easily Hear and Download it from the Below Downloading Option. You can use these for Using as a Ringtone or Hearing Gun Sounds. So, Let’s get started.

bgmi or pubg gun sound

List of Gun in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile and BGMI v1.5, there is a total of 34 Weapons are available for players to Use. The Name of this Weapon is Listed Below.

  1. AKM
  2. Scarl
  3. M164A
  4. M416
  5. QBZ
  6. MK47 Mutant
  7. AUG A3
  8. G36C
  9. M762
  10. GROZA
  11. Win94
  12. Kar98K
  13. M24
  14. Mini14
  15. QBZ
  16. SLR
  17. SKS
  18. UMP 45
  19. P90
  20. Thompson
  21. PP-19 Bizon
  22. Vector
  23. UZI
  24. MP5K
  25. S686
  26. S1897
  27. S12K
  28. M1014K Shotgun
  29. DP-28
  30. AWM
  31. DBS
  32. M249
  33. MK14

BGMI All Gun Sound Download

1. Akm BGMI and PUBG Gun Sound

2. M416 Weapon Ringtone Download

3. Scarl Gun Sound Download

4. M762 Gun Sound Download

5. M164A Weapon Sound Download

6. QBZ Gun Dound Download

7. Groza Gun Sound Download

8. MK47 Gun Download

So, This is all About AR (Assult Rifles) Gun SOunds in PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now, Let’s See Some SMG Gun Sounds.

1. UZI Gun Sound Download

2. Thompson Gun Sound Download

3. PP19 Bizon Weapon Sound

4. UMP 45 GUN Sound

5. mp5k Gun Sound Download

Now, Let’s See Some Bolt Action Sniper & AirDrop Gun Sounds

1. VSS Gun Sound Download

2. Mini 14 Gun Sound Download

3. SKS Gun Sound

4. SLR Gun Sound Download

5. MK14 Gun Ringtone Download

6. Win 94 Gun Sound Download

7. Kar98k Gun Sound Download

8. M24 Ringtone Download

9. AWM Gun Sound Download

10. M249 Gun Sound Download

If you want to download all Gun sound in one click. Just click here to download.

So, this is a List of All PUBG or BGMI Gun Sounds and ringtones. If you like this article to have any Doubts Please let Us know in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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