Most Commonly Used Terms (Slangs) in BGMI – Full Forms

Hey Gamerz, In this article we are going to see some Most Common terms or Slangs Used by Gamers in PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India. If you are New to battlegrounds India, These terms may be New for You. Players who Were Play Bgmi or Pubg Mobile or Long Time will get what that term means.

Usually speaking through microphones, most gamers will not use the main words of that thing or thing but will use their own Term or Short Form of that Thing. When they use that term for Coordinating with a New Player, Newbie will not get that. So, In this article, we are going to see some Term that Pro Gamers Often uses in between games. So, Let’s get started.

BGMI or PUBG Mobile Slangs or Terms

Full-Form Of Most Common Terms Use in Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG

Some of the Most Common Used by Pro gamers is GG, OP & BGMI

Full-Form of OP in BGMI or PUBG is Mobile is OverPowered. This term is used to appreciate the Weapon or Situation. In Bgmi, players whose Favorite gun is M416 or AKM, They Say M416 is OP or AKM is OP. Because they Love their Gun and they Believe their Favorite gun is Powerful. This term is also used in a condition when a player defeats the enemy easily or shows perfect win or toughest win. In such situations, one can say ‘OP’ or ‘OP Gameplay‘ to appreciate the performance.

The full form of GG is Good Game. It is Mostly used after the game end and to show gratitude towards the teammates and thanking them.

The full form of BGMI is battlegrounds Mobile India. It is an Indian version of PUBG Mobile Develpoed by Kraton.

FPP in BGMI Stands for  First Person Perspective. It Means You Can’t See Your Body in Game. You see a Map with Your Character Eyes in the Game.

TPP Stands for Third Person Perspective. In this, You can See Your Body from the Back.

Now, Let’s See Some of the Most Commonly Used Slangs in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) or PUBG Mobile

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Summary of Slangs Used in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

1. Nades in BGMI

There are three types of made-in Bgmi Smoke Grenade, Stunt Grendae & Bomb Grenade. Smoke Grenade is also known as Life Saving Nade. Bomb grenade is Used to Kill Campers.

2. Smoke in PUBG Mobile

The smoke term is used to throwing Smoke grenades at Some Location. It may be on Teammates who were Knocked or You can through on enemy to Block its Sight.

3. Camp or Camping in Bgmi

Camping is a term mostly used for that player who Sticks at one Place and Waits for his Enemy. They even don’t create a Single Noice.

4. What is Loot in Bgmi or Pubg?

In Bgmi, Loots mean The things you have in your Bag. Examples, Ammo, Gun, Nade, Health, etc.

5. What Noob in Bgmi?

Noobs are Newbie Player, Who has Just Stared Playing games.

6. Clear

Clear means to Clear a Particular Area. You can Clear Area by Killing Enemies or Make Loot where nothing is Left.

7. Meaning of Scout in Bgmi

Scout term is Used for a Player who spies an area and Locates an Enemy.

8. What is Falnker in Bgmi?

Flanker is a term Used for a Player who Used to Flank or Change their Position without Knowing his Enemy Team. So, He can get a Clear View of his Enemy Team and at Right Time he can Suddenly Attack his Enemy.

9. What is Nader in PUBG or BGMI?

Nader is a term used for a Player Who is an Expert in Throwing Nades.

10. IGL in PUBG or BGMI

IGL in BGMI Stands for In Game Leader. The player who used to lead his team, give Proper Command, and Lead his Team to Victory is Called Perfect IGL.

11. IGN in PUBG or BGMI

IGN in BGMI Stands for In-Game Name. It Means Your Username in Game.

12. HOLO

Holo is a Scope Used in Gun in BGMI or PUBG Mobile. Holo Stands for Hologram Scope.

So, this is all About BGMI or pubg Mobile Slangs and the Most Commonly Used term. If you like this article or have any Doubts. Please Let Us Know in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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