BGMI v2.4 Gun Damage Chart & Detailed Lists 2023

Hey, Bgmi Lovers are you looking for a Damage Chart of BGMI and Pubg Mobile Guns & Weapons? So, in this article, we are going to see the Damage Points of Each and Every Gun in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). BGMI and Pubg Mobile Guns have almost Equal Damage Points, Recoils, & Fire rates.

BGMI has different types of Guns Such as AR, SMG, SR, etc. So, accordingly, we have divided a Weapon Category List. So, let’s get Started

BGMI Weapon Damage Chart & Detail Lists 2022

BGMI PUBG Gun Damage Chart & Detail Lists 2023

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is an Indian version of PUBG Mobile. It is developed by Krafton for Only Indian Players. Althrough, Features in BGMI and PUBG Mobile are almost Similar. Also, the Damage Points of the Weapons are Also the Same.

There are 11 AR (Assault Rifles) Guns in BGMI, 5 SR (Sniper Rifles), 7 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles), 7 SMG Submachine Guns, 5 SG (Shotgun), 3 LMG (Light Machine Gun), 9 Pistol, 4 Melee, and 1 Crossbow.

There are a Total Number of 52 Guns Available in BGMI (battlegrounds Mobile India) including AR, SR, DMR, SMG, SG, LMG, Pistol, Melee, and Crossbow. Now, Let’s See their Damage Points & Fire Rate.

Here is Some Popular BGMI weapon Damage Chart

Beryl M76243
Mini 1441
MK47 Mutant49

1. AR (Assult Rifles) Guns Damage Points

AR is one of the Most Popular & Favorite Weapons of BGMI Players. Assault Rifles are very useful for Close & Medium Range fights. Most Players Prefer to Carry at least 1 AR with them. These AR are the Weapon Available in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Pubg Mobile.

BGMI AR Damage List
Gun NameAmmoDamageFire Rate
Groza7.62 mm49 HP750
AKM7.62 mm49 HP600
M7627.62 mm49 HP600
MK47 Mutant7.62 mm49 HP600
M4165.56 mm43 HP660
M164A5.56 mm43 HP600
Scar-L5.56 mm43 HP576
AUG A35.56 mm43 HP600
QBZ5.56 mm43 HP635
G36C5.56 mm43 HP700
Famas5.56 mm53 HP750

These are the Chart or List of BGMI and Pubg Mobile AR Weapons Damage Points. AKM + M416 is one of the Most Common and Popular AR combos in Pubg Mobile. Althrough, Famas has a High damage point it can load up to 25 ammo Only & with an extended 35.

2. Sniper Rifles Damage Points

There is a total of 5 Sniper Rifles available in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Mobile. Among them, AWM and AMR are the Most Powerful Sniper.

BGMI Sniper Damage List
Sniper NameAmmoDamage
AWM.300 Magnum105 HP
M247.62 mm79 HP
Mosin Nagant Sniper7.62 mm79 HP
Kar98K7.62 mm75 HP
Win94. 45 ammo66 HP
AMR .50 Caliber118 HP

3. Automatic Sniper Rifles

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) are also known as Automatic Sniper Rifles and it is a Combo of AR and SR. Among them, Mk14 is Very Popular and Also Known as Beast Gun in BGMI and Pubg Mobile.

BGMI Mini 14 Damage List
DMR NameAmmoDamageFire Rate
(Rounds/ Minute)
Mk147.62 mm61 HP670
SLR7.62 mm58 HP600
SKS7.62 mm53 HP670
QBZ5.56 mm48 HP600
Mini 145.56 mm46 HP600
Mk125.56 mm46 HP600
VSS9 mm41 HP700

4. SMG Gun Damage Points

SMG (Submachine Gun) is best for Close-range fights. Because of his Hight Fire rate. Among them, UZI, and vector are 2 Dominated SMGs in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Mobile.

BGMI SMG Damage List
SMG NameAmmoDamageFire Rate
UZI9 mm26 HP1200
Vector9 mm31 HP1100
MP5K9 mm33 HP900
UMP-45.45 ACP39 HP670
Thompson.45 ACP40 HP670
PP-199 mm35 HP660
P909 mm26 HP850 

5. Shotgun Damage Chart

Shotguns are GOD guns for Close-range Fights or for Campers. It is Very Powerful for Close Range.

BGMI Shotgun Damage List
(Per pellet)
Firing Mode
S68612 Gauge26 HPSemi-Auto
S189712 Gauge26 HPPump Action
S12K12 Gauge24 HPSemi-Auto
DBS12 Gauge26 HP2 Shell Pump
M101412 Gauge24 HPSemi-Auto

6. Light Machine Gun Damage Chart 2023

Light Machine gun fire lots of ammo in Single Fire Rounds. Also, Using a Machine gun in Prone State gives Less Recoil. Dp-28 is the Most Popular LMG and can be used in Close Range, Medium Range, and Long Range.

BGMI Machine gun Damage List
LMG NameAmmoDamageFire Rate
(Rounds/ Minute)
M2495.56 mm45 HP800
Dp-287.62 mm51 HP550
MG37.62 mm40 HP660

7. Pistol Damage Chart

The pistol is the most Swanned Weaponed in BGMI. Althrough it is only used for Completing Achievement and sometimes is very useful in Hot Drop. Since on drop, finding a weapon Is quite difficult and at that time pistol can be found easily.

BGMI Pistol Damage List
Pistol NameAmmoDamageFire Rate
(Rounds/ Minute)
P929 mm45 HP420
P1911.45 ACP41 Hp545
R18957.62 mm55 Hp150
P18C9 mm23 Hp1000
R45.45 ACP55 HP240
Sawed-off12 Gauge22 per palletSemi-Auto
Skorpion9 mm22 HP850
Desert Eagle.45 ACP62 HP240
Flare GunFlareNoneNone

8. BGMI Melee Damge Points

Melee is also Useful and has high damage Points. Pan in bgmi can also be used to block Bullets from Behind and Front.

BGMI Melee Damage List
Melee NameBase Damage
Crow Bar60

9. BGMI Crossbow Damage

The crossbow is one of the Most Underrated Weapons in BGMI.

Weapon NameAmmoDamageFire Rate

So, this is a list of all the weapons, Guns, pistols, Melee, crossbows, Damage points, Ammo, Fire Rate, & Shoot Kill in Pubg Mobile and Battlegrounds in Mobile India.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which GUN has the Highest Damage In BGMI?

AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) has the Highest Damage Point of 105 in BGMI, which makes this gun very Powerful.

How many Guns are there in BGMI?

There are a Total Number of 52 Weapons Available in BGMI (battlegrounds Mobile India) including AR, SR, DMR, SMG, SG, LMG, Pistol, Melee, and Crossbow,

Which is the best SMG Gun in BGMI?

UZI and Vector are the Best & Most Powerful SMGs in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Which is the Best Combo Gun in BGMI?

If you are Assaulter, then you should carry Two AR (M416 + AKM) or (Scarl + M762) Accordingly.

So, this is a Complete Guide to BGMI Pubg Mobile Guns, Weapons Damage List, or Charts in 2023. In this article, we Provided You with complete information about BGMI and Pubg Mobile Weapon Damage Chart & Details.

If you have any Queries or Suggestions let us know in the Comment. Thank You.

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