How to Change Character’s Gender or Appearance in BGMI 2022?

Hey, Battlegrounds Mobile India Lover, In this article we are going to see how to Change a Character’s Gender or Appearance in Battlegrounds Mobile India? Also, we are going to see the Numbers of Characters in bgmi and their Prices. So, Let’s get started.

How to Change Character Gender in BGMI?

To Change the Character gender in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Follow the Below Steps:

  1. Open Bgmi and Tap on INVENTORY Present on the Right-Bottom.
Change Character in BGMI

2. Tap on SWITCH CHARACTER on the Top-left.

Switch Character in BGMI

3. Click on Default Character

Default Character in BGMi

4. Tap on Appearance on the Right Bottom

Apperance in Battlegrounds MObile India

5. Now, here you change your Character gender from MALE and FEMALE Options.

Change Character in Battlegrounds Mobile India

6. Accordingly, Change your Character Appearances Such as Skin Color, Hair Style, and Hair Color.

Change gender in bgmi

7. Once you Make Your Character, Click OK. Then, One Pop up will Appear and it show Changes you made to your Character with a BP Price. Click on PURCHASE.

BP to Change gender in bgmi

8. Congratulation Your Character’s Gender and Appearance are Changed in Battlegrounds Mobile India AKA BGMI.

Gender Change in Battlegrounds Mobile iNdia

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No, Let’s see Some Most Commonly Asked Questions on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Can we Change the Gender of Andy or Carlo?

No, You can’t Change the Gender of Andy, Carlo, Sara, and Victor in Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG Mobile.

Can you change gender in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Yes, You can change the gender of the Default Character in BGMI from Male to Female or Alternatively.

So, this is a simple and Straight Forward Process to Change Gender or Appearance in Battlegrounds Mobile India 2022. If you like this article or have Doubts. Please Let Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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