Coin Master Guide (2022) for Beginners: Pro Tips & Tricks to Conqueror Coin Master

Coin Master Guide: Coin Master is one of the Most Popular Mobile Games in the World which has Millions of Active Users around the Globe. If you are New to this game and Don’t know how to Play Coin Master in 2022. We will help you to make this game familiar to you.

The game Coin Master is a base-building and fun spin machine game. You can win rewards by raiding the villages of your friends. To create your village, you can loot the village of friends.

Get an attack hammer so you can attack other villages. Earn XP and food for your pet. To earn Rewards, collect cards. It can be used to build your village. Below is a detailed explanation of the game. 

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a social game that can be downloaded completely free by anyone on Android and iOS. The game’s primary goal is to help you build and defend villages, while your friends attack yours.

We should mention that the game has many simulated gambling elements. This means that if you are suffering from a gambling addiction or have a gambling problem, you should not play this game. It is not a good idea to play with children!

To build a strong village, you must learn how to protect yourself, get all the rewards and move quickly. You can do this by playing a virtual slot machine, where you can earn coins, shields, and weapons.

Coin Master will allow the players to travel through history and become the greatest pirates, hippies kings, warriors Vikings, kings, and other historical figures. Facebook is the game’s social component. This social media platform allows you to connect with other players of the game.

Coin Master Guide for Beginners 2022

There are many Terms in coin master, that you must know about them and their Role in the Game. We will talk about some of the most important aspects of Coin Master so you can understand it a bit better.

What is a Slot machine in Coin Master?

Coin Master, a virtual slot machine that you can download to your smartphone, has a lot of beautiful graphics. You will receive spins as you play and advance.

These spins will allow you to accumulate enough to be able to spend on a slot machine. You will receive rewards in the form of coins, shields, and the chance to raid and attack other players’ villages.

Slot Machine in Coin Master
Slot Machine in Coin Master

Here is a list of all the items you can get from the slots machine:

Pigs in Coin Master

If you get three pigs during a spin, then you have the opportunity to raid the person sitting above your machine to obtain the specified amount. This amount can be taken from one of your three opponents.


If you get three hammers in your Coin Master slot machine spin, you can attack the village or take Revenge against someone who has already attacked you. You’ll receive fewer rewards if the person you are attacking has a shield.


If you get three shields, you will get a shield to protect your village from any attacks. Your village level determines the maximum number of shields you can have, but it begins at three.


The amount of coins that you receive depends on the number of coins you spin. It also depends on the level of your map and where you are at the moment. You will get a larger amount if you get three coins than if only one or two of them.

Coin bags 

Works in a similar way to coins. It depends on your level and map. However, three bags will give you more rewards than just one.


It is possible to unlock many prizes from the slot machine as well as items from events. You will get something regardless of how many items you see. However, if you see three, you’ll get more.

Energy capsules 

Last but not least, you’ll get 10 extra spins if you get 3 energy capsules in your spin.

You can also make a Super Bet. You will need to have many saved spins in order to do this. Then you can bet multiple times simultaneously to receive the rewards based on how many spins you used.

How to Get More Spins in Coin Master?

Now, You might have Realised that Spin is one of the most important parts of the Game. But, Spinning the Game is limited. To Progress the Game Faster there are many ways from which you can get More Spins in Coin Master.


You will receive 5 spins an hour without doing anything. You can store up to 50 spins on Coin Master. This means that you can keep the game running for up to 10 hours and still not collect them all.


If you connect your Facebook account to this game, you’ll get 50 spins. This is another incentive to get more social with the game.

Facebook invites 

Another incentive to the social side of the game is the ability to invite your friends by sharing a link that is only yours. Spins will be awarded to you based on your level if they download the game and use Facebook. You’ll receive spins for each friend that you have higher levels.

Exclusive Events 

Another way to get spins at Coin Master is by winning event items from the slots machine. The prize you can win from these items will increase as you accumulate them.

Send and Receive

It is possible to send spins to your friends and for them to send you spins. The spins that you send are not yours. These are extra spins for everyone.


When you complete each card collection you will receive spins as a reward.

Slot machine 

As we have already mentioned, you can get spins at the Coin Master slot machine. You’ll receive 10 spins if you have 3 energy capsules.

Gifts from the Game

Last, you can also get spins in Coin Master by getting the gifts offered by the game. You might be able to get spins and coins through their official Facebook page.


This game has many tournaments that are constantly going on. You might get many spins if you are in a good position.

Village in Coin Master
Village in Coin Master

Villages (Raid and Attacks)

You now know how the slot machine works. Let’s now talk about the villages and how they can be attacked.

You can earn coins by playing at the Coin Master slot machine. You can build your village and upgrade it with these coins. This is the main objective of Coin Master. You will need to upgrade buildings until they reach 5 starts.

Each upgrade is more costly than the previous one. Once you have maxed out all buildings in your village you can move on to the next village. There you will be aiming for the same goal: get to the top level.

The best thing about the game is that each village can be found in a different location and on a different map. This makes it more interactive and much more fun. you can also use the rewards from the slot machine to attack other players’ villages and get more coins. These coins can then be used to upgrade your villages.

Cards in Coin Master

There are thematic cards in the game that players can and should collect. Each collection contains 9 cards. You will be rewarded for completing a collection (such as pets or extra coins). You must also have unlocked the third village before you can start collecting coins. You won’t get any coins before that.

You can send cards to friends and trade with them. This will help you complete your collection much more quickly. The game even recommends that you join a Facebook group to exchange cards!

Pets in Coin Master

Pets are an important part of the game’s progression. You can get Coin Master pets once you have reached level 3. These pets will be of great help to you and make the progression of your village easier.

Pets will gain more skills and level up, as well as become stronger. It is important to develop them and feed them. The food can be purchased at the store, at special events, or at the slot machine.

There are three types of pets in Coin Master

Pets in Coin Master
Pets in Coin Master

1. Foxy 

Foxy, or the Fox, will increase your chances of getting a higher percentage of rewards from every raid by digging an extra hole. It will earn experience points every time it appears in a raid.

2. Rhino 

Rhino has the purpose of helping you defend your village. It is more efficient than shields. It can block the enemy’s attack, and make sure you don’t lose coins.

3. Tiger 

Tiger is a Coin Master pet that allows you to attack. You’ll receive a bonus for every attack, and it will increase with each pet level.

So, this is the All About Coin Master Beginner Guide. If you have any Queries regarding Coin Master let us know in the Comment Section.

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