How to Enable 60 fps (Extreme) in BGMI in Low-End Devices?

How to Enable 60 fps (Extreme) in BGMI in Low-End Devices?

60 FPS in BGMI: Hello Bgmi Lover, In this article, we are going to see, How can you enable Extreme options in Battlegrounds Mobile India with the help of gfx tools. Also, you can say Best gfx settings for BGMI.

60 FPS (frames per second) is a measure of the smoothness and fluidity of a video game’s visuals. In BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India), players can enable 60 FPS gameplay for a more immersive and responsive gaming experience.


To enable 60 FPS in BGMI, players will need a device that is capable of supporting high frame rates, such as a smartphone or tablet with a powerful processor and graphics card. Once you’ve confirmed that your device can support 60 FPS gameplay, you can enable the feature in the game’s settings menu.

To do this, open the game and go to the “Settings” menu. From there, select “Graphics” and then choose “Ultra” or “HDR” quality. These settings are required to enable 60 FPS gameplay in BGMI. Once you’ve selected the appropriate graphics settings, you should see an option to enable 60 FPS gameplay.

It’s important to note that enabling 60 FPS gameplay may put additional strain on your device’s battery and may cause it to heat up more quickly. If you experience any issues with performance or overheating while playing BGMI at 60 FPS, you may need to adjust your graphics settings or take steps to cool down your device during gameplay.

60fps in bgmi in low end device

What is fps in BGMI?

FPS Stands for Frames per Second. In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), FPS is set up to show how many frames (images) your Device will display each second. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more responsive the game will seem.

Generally, the Extreme Option in BGMI is set to Show 60 fps. But, to get this option your Device must have a High Specification. Extreme Option in BGMI Run Game Very Smoothly. So, let’s see how can you enable this for your Low-End Device.

How to Enable Extreme Option in BGMI?

To enable 60fps on your low-end Device, first You have to Download a GFX tool. Click here to download the Original gfx tool for BGMI. Open the GFX tool & make the Setting as given below.

extreme option in bgmi

Best GFX Setting for BGMI

  • Select Version: 1.5 (BGMI)
  • Resolution: 1024×576
  • Graphics: Smooth
  • FPS: 60FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disable
  • Style: Colorful
  • Rendering Quality: Low
  • Light Effect: Disable
  • GPU Optimization: Disable
  • Water Reflection: Disable
  • Save Controls: Enalble

You have to choose the Setting as given above and don’t change other Default settings. Otherwise, You may face a problem. Once, You did the above Setting Click on Accept and then RUN GAME.

Now, Your battlegrounds Mobile India game will Open. Go to setting and Graphics, You will find your Extreme Option is Now Enabled.

Is the GFX tool safe for Bgmi?

Gfx tools don’t collect your personal data or they won’t hack your phone. It just helps to modify settings to improve and ensure the fps and graphics. The use of the gfx tool really makes your Gaming Experience better on Low-End Devices.

I had Personally Used the gfx tool for More than 6 Months on my low-End Device to enable Extreme Option in BGMI. It literally helps a lot.

How to Play BGMI smoothly on low-end devices?

With the help of the gfx tool, You can Play Battlegrounds Mobile India Smoothly. If your device hangs too Much You might face lagging Problems.

So, this is all about Running bgmi Smoothly on your Low-End Devices. The Above method is Really Working and I Personally used this trick to Improve my Gaming Experience. Previously, I had a Device That Supports only Smooth > High. With the help of GFX, I enable Smooth > Extreme. It also enables Balanced > Extreme, But it lags too Much.

If you like this article or have any doubts Please let Us Know in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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