Free Fire Auto Headshot Aimbot Hack Config File Download (!New 2022)

Free Fire Headshot Aimbot, Bullet Tracking APk, and Config File Download. No Password Free Fire Hack File Download 2022.

Free Fire Headshot Hack And Auto Headshot Settings 2022: Want the Best Free Fire Headshot Hacks and Settings? Then this article is for you. Shoot the enemy in the head and he will die in 4-5 bullets. That’s why everyone wants to learn auto headshot settings in Free Fire. Free Fire Headshot File Download.

What is Free Fire Headshot AutoAim Config File

Free Fire Headshot Config File

Free Fire Headshot AutoAim Config File Download. First of all, let us understand the difference between an auto headshot and a headshot in Free Fire. If the bullet fired by us hits the enemy’s head, then it is called a headshot in the language of gaming.

It is no longer easy to hit an enemy with a headshot as the enemy keeps moving, so hitting his head is difficult, so many players use the auto headshot or free fire headshot hack, which allows them to improve their in-game aiming skills. helps in.

Free Fire Bullet Tracking Download

Sensitivity plays a primary role in Free Fire. Aiming at an enemy’s head can be challenging if you’re not using the proper sensitivity, so setting the right sensitivity is essential.

Sensitivity is the tactile response of your smartphone’s display. If your sensitivity is low, then you need to touch smoothly on the screen of your smartphone, and if your sensitivity is high, then you need to touch hard on the screen of your smartphone.

I am sharing the best sensitivity settings for Free Fire below. Apply them in the same way as described below.

  • Open free fire game
  • Now click on the setting icon in the top right corner
  • Now in Settings, click on Sensitivity
  • Now set the sensitivity as follows
  • General: 41
  • Red Dot: 85
  • 2X Scope: 23
  • 4X Scope: 20
  • AWM Scope: 10

After applying these settings, it will increase your gun scope’s ability to aim.

Free Fire Headshot Setting and Gyroscope

one tap headshot free fire

There are some secret settings in Control Options. If you enable them, your aiming skills increase immediately.

  • Open free fire game
  • Now click on the setting icon in the top right corner
  • Now in Settings, click on Control Options
  • Now change some settings as mentioned below
  • Lift Fire Button – Scope Only
  • Auto load – On
  • AWM Snipping – Put the fire to the left
  • Auto Switch Gun – On

Now, these settings will work as Free Fire Headshot Hack. Just start a match, and you’ll notice a clear difference in your aiming skills, and most of the bullets you fire will automatically attach to enemies’ heads.

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