BGMI Royale Pass Giveaway| Get Free BGMI M5-C1S3 RP (10 Giveaway)

Get a Chance to Win a Royale Pass of Battlegrounds Mobile Inda M5- C1S1. It is a 10 Mega giveaway of Royale pass. If you are interested in our Giveaway then read the full article carefully to know everything about BGMI RP Giveaway.

BGMI C1S1 – M5 RP Giveaway

10 Lucky Winners will get Royale to pass for absolutely Free. We will Decide the Lucky winner according to their Shares on Social Media.

Follow each and every step carefully if you miss any step then you won’t be counted in the royal giveaway and one more important thing join the telegram because results announcement on my telegram.

How to participate in BGMI RP Giveaway?

Step 1: Share this Website Page on Your Whatsapp Group

Share this Giveaway Page on your Whatsapp group. Share in at least 5 Whatsapp groups and take a ScreenShot.

Step 2: Subscriber to Our YouTube Channel.

A subscriber to Our YouTube Channel and Take a ScreenShot of it.

Step 3: Join Our telegram Channel

The winner will be announced on Our Telegram Channel. So, Kindly Join Our Telegram Channel. We will send the List of Winner (BGMI ID & Number). If you are among them, You have to Send β€œHI” on Telegram. So, We will Give you RP.

STEP 4: Fill Google Form

Kindly, fill the Google form and Enter your BGMI Username/user ID. Attach all the Screenshots you have taken above. That’s it your Successfully participate in the giveaway

To Participate in Giveaway Simply Form the Google Form and Complete the task Mention in the Form. Click on β€œFill Google Form” and Fill the Google form Honestly for a higher chance to WIN Our Giveaway.

BGMI RP Giveaway
Total Giveaway: 10 Giveaway
RP Type: 9 Elite Pass (360 UC)
1 Elite Pass Plus (960 UC)
The winner Will be Announce on 26 November
Giveaway by BGMI Gaming (

Note: You have to complete all the tasks Mentioned in the Google Form and have to Upload the Proper Screenshots. If we find any Kind of Cheating, We will disqualify that Player on Instant. So, Please be Honest.

Result be Declared on Our Telegram and 5 Winner be Pick-up through Random Picker and 5 with a Higher Points( More you share this site, more You Win).

If you Still Have any Doubts or Query. Please Let Us Know in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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