How to Grow BGMI PUBG Instagram Page & Make Money in 2023?

Hey Battlegrounds Mobile India Lovers, do you want to grow your Battlegrounds Mobile India or Pubg Mobile Instagram account? and Want to Make Money through Battlegrounds Mobile India? So, in this article, I am going to give you a Proper Roadmap to Grow Your BGMI Instagram Account. So, let’s get started.

BGMI Instagram Page

Mainly there are two types of BGMI pages on Instagram.

  1. Original Content Creator Pages: Page that create Content on their own and upload it on their Instagram Page are known as Original Content creators. They may upload Gameplay Videos, Memes, Tips & Tricks, etc.
  2. Repost Content pages: A page that Uploads the post of the original content creator on their Page & gives proper credit to Creators is known as a Repost Content Account. Repost Pages will grow fast as compared to Original Content Creators on Instagram.

So, let’s start with how to create a page on Instagram, and gradually we will grow that page.

1. Create BGMI Instagram Page

Create Instagram Accoun for BGMI

Creating a page is Really Simple on Instagram. First, you have to create an account on with your Email or Phone Number.

2. Setting Up Your Insta Profile

Now, You have to keep a good and Rememberable Username for your Page. Avoid Using Underscore or Dot more than two times. Try to keep your Username as simple as possible. Such as, @bgmi.funny.memes, @bgmi_lover, etc.

Bio for BGMI

Once, You keep a good Username for your Page, create an attractive logo for your Page. So, it will make a good impression on the Audience.

Write a Beautiful Bio on Your Page. You can use Instagram Font Generator to create a Fancy & Stylish font for your Instagram Bio.

Last but not least, Switch your account to a Business Account. So, You can See your Post insights. To do this, go to Setting > Account > Switch Account Type. Switch Your Account to Business Account.

3. Grow Bgmi Instagram Page

In the beginning, try to Create Funny Memes & Videos on your Own. If some big Repost Pages Repost your Memes on their Page with a Credit, Your Page Reach will Increase. So, in the beginning, try to make memes on your Own and Approach Some big Page to Repost Your Memes on their Pages.

Once, You get at least 100 to 500 Followers. Try to Upload Viral Battlegrounds Mobile India Memes and Videos. You will find lots of Viral posts on the Explore section of Instagram. Viral Post performs better on Explore Page. Once, Your Page Perform Well on Explore Page. Your Account Reach Will Increase & Number of Followers will increase Rapidly.

grow bgmi Instagram Page

Growing an Instagram Page takes Time and it may take 2-3 Months to reach 10K Followers. You need to be consistent and try to Upload at least 6 – 10 Posts Per Day. Now, Let’s See some Tips and Tricks which help you to grow your Page Faster.

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Best Instagram Hashtag for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Hashtag plays a Significant Role at the beginning. Try to Use best BGMI Hashtag that Gives you High Reach. Best BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Hashtags are

#bgmi #battlegroundmobileindia #battlegroundsmobileindia #battlegroundsindia #bgmiindialaunch #bgmilaunchdate #bgmixyz #bgmiofficiall #bgmimemes #pubgfunnymemes #pubgmemesvideos #pubgmemevideo #pubgvideomemes #soulregaltos #soulforever #soulfam #soulmemes #teamsoul #soulislove #pubgmemezone #pubgmemes

Prefer Images Over Videos

Recently Instagram has made many changes to its explore page algorithm. Images give more Reach than Videos. So, try to Upload more Memes as compared to Videos.

Try to Reply to Comments

No matter how many followers you have, try to reply to maximum comments. It makes your Followers happy and they may stick to your Page for a Longer time. Even, if they don’t follow you, the Chance of being followed will be increased if you reply.

Upload Engaging Posts

Always try to Upload Engaging Content that makes people interact with your Post. Such as Ask People’s opinions through posts, Upload Most Funny Memes, Tips & Tricks Videos, etc.

So, this is all about Growing an Instagram page. Now, Let’s see how can You make Money through it.

Best BGMI Meme Page on Instagram

Page NameFollowers

How to Make Money through BGMI Instagram Page?

There are lots of ways to make money through Instagram Page. The most popular way is to do Paid Promotion. Charges of Promotion Will increase as your Followers increase. Normally if your Page has 10K Followers, Many Other Pages will Contact you for Promotions. Another way to Money through Instagram is through Affiliate Marketing, Driving traffic to your Blog, etc.

Once, You reach at least 10K – 20K followers. You will get lots of Promotions offers according to your Account Reach and interaction. So, You don’t need another way to Make Money through your Page.

So, this is all about growing a Battlegrounds Mobile India Instagram Page. So, If you like this article or have any doubts Please let us know in the comment section. Thank You.

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