BGMI Hack Apk and OBB File Download v2.6 (Latest Version)
BGMI Download

BGMI Hack Apk OBB Download

Here, You can Download BGMI MOD Apk and its OBB File for Free. BGMI OBB File is an important File because it contains all the coding and Script you will Need to Run the Game. So from Here Download BGMI Hack Apk and OBB File.

Download and Enjoy BGMI Hack Features for Free

BGMI Hack Apk and OBB File Download: Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is one of the most awaited Mobile games in India. BGMI is an Online Multiplayer battle royale game Developed by Krafton. BGMI MOD Apk Download. Latest v2.6 Hacked Version for Andriod Download.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod apk has many features, including Unlimited UC Hack, No Recoil, No Ban, No Root Access, Grass Hack, ESP Hacks, and a Lot More. Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has more than 50 million active users. This game is only playable in India.

Recently, BGMI has Launched a Device ban Feature for Battlegrounds Mobile India Player. Our Hack is Safe from Device Ban Feature. So, let’s get started.

BGMI Hack Apk Download

What is BGMI v2.6 Hack Apk?

Bgmi Hack apk is a Moded version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. To add more features in Bgmi, Hacker, or Developers who Create MOD Apk, they Change or Add some Extra Code. There are different type of hacks, which has distinct features in the Game.

With different maps with different regions in virtual environments, Battlegrounds Mobile India uses the full capabilities of Mobile India Game Engine 4 to bring a truly immersive 3D experience to Android mobile devices that can be brought to life through 3D music.

In bgmi, one plane will leave you on an island along with the other 99 Players. You have to find Guns, Ammo, health, and other Supplies. You have defeated other Players and the last man standing will get the Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner. Let’s See, How to Download BGMI MOD APk?

BGMI Hack OBB File Download v2.6 (100% Working)

BGMI OBB File is a Main File required to Run BGMI Hack Verison without any Probelm. OBB is all the Programming and Script Files used created by Hackers to avoid BGMi Security Team. Just Download the BGMI Hack OBB File of 32 bits or 64 bits according to your Device Requirement.

As we all know, Our Favorite Mobile Game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is banned in India because of Server or Privacy issues. Our Government Ban BGMI under Section 69A which is Heart Breaking. Althrough, Bgmi Servers is still Active and Krafton is in Communication with the Indian government to Uplift the Ban.

Features of BGMI Hack Game

There is a very high chance to Get BGMI Unban in India as Soon as Possible. Until We can still Play Bgmi without Any VPN or DNS. So, it’s Mean, We can also play a BGMI MOD Apk

1. Wallhack

wallhack is one of the most popular and highly used Hack in Battlegrounds Mobile India. With the help of Wallhack, You can defeat or Kill your enemy beyond the walls.

If someone is talking TPP, You can kill them with the help of this Hack Easily. These are very useful in Close Range or Last Zone.

2. AimBot

bgmi Aimbot

Aimbot is used to kill the Enemy Easily. It will Automatically set your Aim on your Head. So, You can easily get him Down. This Hack is very useful during the last Zone or when Squad Rush on You. You can easily take down the whole Squad with the help of this Hack. This Hack is also known as BGMI Auto Aim or Head Aim.

3. Unlimited UC & Silver


This hack comes with the most amazing hacks, which can save you lots of money. Unlimited UC and Silver Hack provide you with Unlimited Ingame Currency. You can Unlock all the Mythic & Premium Avtar for Free. Get Unlimited UC in BGMI.

To buy UC, You have to use spend Money. But, with the help of this BGMI MOD APK, You can get unlimited UC with One Click.

4. Realistic Weapon & Full HD Graphics

This is also an awesome feature in Bgmi, It will add Special features to Weapons such as Firing Sounds and Way of Moment. A more realistic experience made your Game more Powerful & Easy. You feel like you are on the Ground.

5. No Recoil

bgmi weapon hack

If you use this hack, your Weapon Recoil becomes almost Zero and You can set your Aim Clearly even enemy is far away. 0 Recoil hacks in bgmi are very useful for Rage Range. You can easily use AKM or M762 from a Long Range.

6. ESP activated

ESP is a very popular hack in Battlegrounds Mobile India. With the help of this hack, you can see your Enemy from anywhere if he taking TPP.

bgmi esp Hack

7. No Ban & NO Root Access

This hack is specially designed to escape from Ban TEam of Battlegrounds Mobile India. It does not require Root Access to install on your Andriod Phone.

  • Bullet Tracking (Auto Head & Chest)
  • ESP of all Items (Vehicle, Guns, Attachments)
  • Black Sky
  • iPad View
  • Potato Views

How to Install BGMI MOD APK v2.6?

  1. Uninstall the Bgmi Official Application from Your Smartphone.
  2. Download the MOD APK + OBB File, given below.
  3. Enable Install from Unknown Source and then Install the APK.

Congratulation, your BGMI Hacked Version game is Installed on your Andriod Device.

Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APk Download

You can download the Battlegrounds Mobile India Hacked Version from the given below. Bgmi MOD Apk Download 2023

BGMI Download
BGMI Download
Article TitleBGMI Hack Apk OBB
App NameBattlegrounds Mobile india
Size (Apk+OBB)78 MB + 560 MB
DevelopersKrafton Inc
FeaturesESP, No Ban, Aimbot, Auto Headshot, Fast Movement, and Many More
Operating SystemAndroid
Minimum Android5.2 or above
Last UpdatedMay 2023

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular and Most Successful Games of the Year in 2021-22. It has a Huge Esports BGMI Community. At the official Esports game, Some Players have Found that they are using a BGMI MOD Apk at the official Tournament. Now, esports has become more Tough created to his Security.

You can Also, Download and Enjoy the BGMI MOD APk with all the New 2.6 updates and Rank Push Easily and Reach Conqueror within a Few Weeks.

BGMI Paid/VIP Login Keys

When you first login into Your Bgmi MOD Apk, It will ask for a Single Time Login Key. These are the Single Time Login Keys for BGMI MOD Apk. A single login Key can be used by One Player Only. So, if you face any Error or Login Key issues. , revisit this Website, and try New Login. We will Update the Login Key on a Frequent Basis.

BGMI Login KeyKey Time Validity
dn6dbtyDBR1 Day Login Key
dgrgdrb5yby1 Day Login Key
RBRY66D66U1 Day Login Key
BJT7RBTBR61 Day Login Key
N8TLN0Y8LN1 Day Login Key
7JRJB7RTRT1 Day Login Key
6R8OONJN67-Day Login Key
8TINYVHYHT7-Day Login Key
R5UB86ORN7-Day Login Key
B6UYBFT6DM7-Day Login Key
T7M8BK8U757-Day Login Key
RRU7NR6IRR1 Month Login key
R76URNOR51 Month Login Key
E657BE7I891 Month Login Key
5B6U7UR6N1 Month Login Key
E56UNI6RN6Full Season Login Key
T78NIR67D6Full Season Login Key



BGMI MOD APk is a Moded Version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. In this, You can use any bgmi hacks for Free. It is widely used by Hackers in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

is it using BGMI MOD Apk on Main ID Safe?

BGMI is banning thousands of Hackers every day for violating their Rules & Regulations. So, If you log in with your main account on BGMI MOD Apk, there is a Chance of being Banned.

How to Hack Bgmi (Battlegrounds India)?

You can’t hack BGMI. But, You can Play the moded version of Bgmi.

The Key is Showing an “Error” Message

If you face a Problem Regarding any Login key. Simply, use another key given above.


So, this is all about BGMI 2.6 MOD apk Download 2023. If you have Doubts Query Suggestions. Please Let Us Know in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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