Hydra Danger BGMI ID, Age, Claw Controls & Sensitivity Settings

Hydra Danger BGMI ID: Hydra Danger is an Indian Youtuber and an eSports Player. He is an Official Member of the Hydra Clan Owned by Hydra Dynamo. Hydra Danger has More than 500K+ Subscribers on YouTube.

Hydra Danger

Danger is one of the Most Popular and well Skilled Players in BGMI (battlegrounds Mobile India). He used to Play with Hydra Dynamo and another Official member of Hydra. This article will See-in-depth Information about Hydra Danger, including his Name, Age, Family, Face, BGMI ID, Controls, Stats & Sensitivity Settings.

Hydra Danger Wikipedia

Real NameRony
Profession eSports Player & YouTuber
Birth DateN/A
HometownMumbai, Maharshtra

Hydra Danger BGMI ID

The Real name of Hydra Danger is Rony and he is From Mumbai, India. He is a 19-year-old Boy. Hydra Danger BGMI ID Number is 554759246 and in-game Name is Zerogamescence.

Hydra Danger BGMI ID
BGMI ID Number554759246
BGMI IGNZerogameScence
Clan NameHydra
Account Level81
Popularity 1404K+
DeviceiPone 12 Pro Max & ROG

BGMI Stats & Controls

Hydra Danger is a Pro Player with an Average K/D of 4.5. Below is a hydra Danger Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Claw Controls & Sensitivity Settings.

Hydra Danger BGMI Controls
Source: YouTube (Hydra Danger)

Bgmi Sensitivity Settings

Camera Sensitivity
Hydra Danger Camera Sensitivity
Source: YouTube (Hydra Danger)
3rd person100%Camera100%
1st Person100%
Hydra Danger Camera Sensitivvity
Source: YouTube (Hydra Danger)
3rd Person180%1st Person180%
Red, Holo & Aim50%2x Scope40%
3x Scope27%4x Scope22%
6x Scope17%8x Scope15%
ADS Sensitivity
Hydra Danger ADS Sensitivity
Source: YouTube (Hydra Danger)
3rd Person130%1st Person104%
Red, Holo & Aim35%2x Scope36%
3x Scope1%4x Scope1%
6x Scope1%8x Scope1%
Hydra Danger Gyroscope Sensitivity
Source: YouTube (Hydra Danger)
3rd Person330%1st Person114%
Red, Holo & Aim350%2x Scope400%
3x Scope280%4x Scope190%
6x Scope105%8x Scope110%

Hydra Danger YouTube

Rony started his YouTube Channel on 24 April 2016 and Now he has More than 600K+ YouTube Subscribers. He has more than 40M+ Views on his YouTube Channel.

Hydra Danger Contact Information

YouTubeVisit Now
FacebookVisit Now
TwitterVisit Now
DiscordVisit Now
Email [email protected]

Top Facts about Hydra Danger

  • The Real name of Hydra Danger is Rony.
  • hydra Danger BGMI ID Nummber 554759246.
  • Hydra Danger is a YouTube that has More than 600K+ Subscribers.

So, this is All About Hydra Danger including his BGMI ID, Age, Face, Address, Contact, BGMI Controls & Sensitivity Settings, and Many More. If You like this article or Have any Doubts Please let us know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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