PUBG New State MOD Apk Download V.0.9.44.- (9999+ NG, AimBot, No Ban)

Pubg New State is now available to download on your device. Pubg New State is developed by Pubg Corporation and Krafton. PUBG New State MOD APK and OBB Download. Pubg: New State v. Latest MOD Version Download.

In PUBG: New State, 100 Players will fight on a new battleground With various weapons and Strategies until one Player Remains. Pubg New State MOD Apk has lots of features such as Unlimited NC (99999+), No Recoil, No Ban, No Root Access, Flying Car, Grass Hack, ESP Hacks, and Many More.

Pubg New State MOD Apk Download
Pubg New State MOD Apk Download

What is Pubg New State?

New State Mobile is a Battle royale Game and has Millions of Active Users in the World. New State Mobile is a Futuristics Version of Pubg Mobile and has an Advanced Technology Option than Pubg Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Pubg New State MOD Apk has lots of New Maps, Weapons, tactics, Texture, etc. New State has a New BR: EXTREME Mode, In this, you will Witness the Exciting Thrilling Experience of the Battle Royale game in 20 Minutes.

Pubg New State launched a week ago and It has More than a Million Active Users. Since it has already completed More than 50 million Pre-Registred users from the Play store. PUBG New State is a Moded version of the Original PUBG: new State it has included some special features which help users to play with Ease. It has lots of Moded or Premium Features.

Pubg Mobile is one of the Most Successful Games for Android and iOS Users. If you have Never Played any Battlegrounds Games in Your Life. Then You Should Try the pubg New State. Pubg New State is Developed by PUBG STUDIOS, the company behind PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).

New State MOD Apk Download

New State Mobile was Released on November 11, 2021, and currently, it has Millions of Active Users. If you have never played any battle Royale games then you should try this game and Have Fun with Battlegrounds Game. Previously, the New State Game Name was Pubg New State. Later, Its name was changed by the Official Developers of PUBG Corporation. Pubg New State MOD Apk Download 2023.

Pubg New State MOD Apk Is based on the future and has highly advanced Options such as two Flare guns, drones, Vehicles that run on Battery, and Many More. PUBG: New State is launched in many countries such as India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Korea, America, and More. So, You can play this game Globally with your Friends.

A moded version of PUBG New State will help you to win a game easily. So, let’s download the latest version of PUBG New State.

Feature of Pubg New State Hack Apk 2022

These are the features of the New State Mod apk, which you should know before using it.

1. Unlimited NC

Unlimited NC
Unlimited NC

NC Currency is the in-game currency of New State Mobile and is Widely used to buy premium skins, Emotes, Crates opening, and Royale Pass. But, You need to spend Real Money to Buy it. So, with the help of MOD APK, you can get pubg New State NC Currency for absoulity Free. These NC can be used to Buy Anything in Pubg New state.

2. Bullet Tracking & AimBot

Bullet Tracking & AimBot
Bullet Tracking & AimBot

Bullet Tracking is a Very Important and Powerful Feature of Any Hack in Battlegrounds Games such as Pubg Mobile, BGMI, or Free Fire. This hack helped to Automatically Connect the Head and Chest to the Enemy and help to Knee Down them Easily.

This Hack is also Known as Auto Headshot Hack for New State Mobile. Auto Headshot Features is to kill every single Enemy with a Headshot. In this, Your Aim will automatically be set to your enemy’s Head and help to get you Down.

3. Unlimited Health

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Health

PUBG New State Unlimited health MOD Apk helps you to recover your Health within a few Milliseconds. Your Health will get full within Seconds & look like your Health is not even getting low by gun Damage. With the help of this Hack, You will become immortal and No one can Beat You in the Battle Royale.

4. ESP activated

ESP Activated
ESP Activated

ESP Hack is Most Popular and Widely used by Hackers to Spot the Exact Location of the Enemy. ESP hack helps you to See your Enemy Behind any Obstacle. It is a very popular Hack among PUBG and BGMI. Esp allows you to see your Clearly Enemy’s Location, Vehicle Location, Weapon Location, etc.

5. No Recoil

No Recoil
No Recoil

With the help of No Recoil MOD, you use any Power gun or Machine Gun with Ease to Operate. If you use this hack, your Weapon Recoil became around Zero and You tin set your Aim Apparently even the enemy is far away. 0 Recoil hacks in bgmi are very useful for Rage Range. Y’all can Easily use AKM or M762 from a Great Range.

Pubg New State also has some New and Extra Features Such as…

  1. Realistic Weapon & Full HD Graphics
  2. No Ban & NO Root Access
  3. An expansion of the original PUBG universe
  4. Team Up with Friends
  5. New Maps & Weapons
  6. Next-generation action-based interactive gameplay
  7. High-Quality Graphics Rendering
  8. No Ban in-game
Pubg New State MOD APk Download For FREE
Pubg New State MOD APk Download For FREE

Minimum Requirement for New State MOD

To Run New State Mobile MOD Apk Smoothly on your Andriod Mobile Phone, Your Mobile should have the basic System Requirement for this.

CPU 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
RAM3 GB or Higher
OSAndroid 6.0 or higher
Internet Speed1 Mbps or Higher

How to Install New State MOD Apk in Andriod?

It’s a very easy process to download & install on your smartphone. Let’s see the process:

  1. First of all, Download the latest version of PUBG: New State MOD APk and its OBB file by clicking on the Download button above. Now, wait until the downloading process is completed.
  2. After downloading the Pubg: New State APK and OBB, you just need to enable the Unknown Sources option in your phone settings. Because PUBG: New State MOD Apk is a third-party app. Before installing any third-party apps get this option. Go to your mobile phone settings and tap Settings >> Security >> enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Open the downloaded .apk file and tap on the install button to install it.
  4. Movie the Obb File to Andriod < Obb < “com. pubg. newstate“.
  5. Now, Open New State Mobile Hack Apk and Enter the Login Key.

Congratulation! Your New State Mobile Hack Apk is Successfully Installed on Your Andriod Device. If you find any problem regarding installation, Simply Restart your Device.

Pubg New State MOD Apk Download

Below is a Working Downloading Link of the Moded Version of Pubg New State.

Pubg New State
Pubg New State
Apk NamePUBG: New State
Apk Size1.4 GB
Current Version0.9.44
Required VersionAndroid 6 or Above
Get it on PlaystoreVisit Now
DeveloperPUBG Corporation
Last Updated15 February 2023

New State MOD Apk Login Keys

When you first login into Your New State MOD Apk, It will ask for a Single Time Login Key. These are the Single Time Login Keys for Pubg New State MOD Apk.

New State Login KeyKey Time Validity
fwjebftvtwxhue83r81 Day Login Key
JukUAD9ylwdfea1 Day Login Key
ajhjFy4haUw7egg1 Day Login Key
Fwvw3seX77fw31 Day Login Key
hjvdwyyq35w8j31 Day Login Key
efjBiqw8dw3be5f1 Day Login Key
Iuftfbuyyxg778bd7 Day Login Key
Oq2tnX7b8d5brw7 Day Login Key
BDryu5twww5tt77 Day Login Key
Aevtsru656fwef47 Day Login Key
LOjnmjtX3w407f7 Day Login Key
LOqyq3q4Lq&3Y!1 Month Login key
7DqS57dwhgy6b1 Month Login Key
etycyww646wTH1 Month Login Key
UFTFh5w5eq4u5i1 Month Login Key
WYRD3rvw45u6Full Season Login Key
e44u63%Ur7 t8Full Season Login Key
New state Mod apk and Obb Download

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download New State MOD Apk?

New State MOD Apk is Now available to Install through the Above Downloading Link.

Is it safe to use the new State Hack Apk?

Yes! This Mod is Developed by Professional Developers and it’s Safe on Main Account. But, we recommend you first use your New Account and then go for the Original One.

The key is Showing “Error”

Key Error is one of the Most Common Problems While Login in New State MOD Apk. This Happens because of Server is Down or this Key is already used by Another Player.

How to Get Unlimited NG in New State Mobile?

To get Unlimited Money in New State, You have to Install the MODED Version of Pubg New State on your Andriod Device.

Who is the Father of New State Mobile?

Pubg: New State is Developed by Krafton. Krafton is an Offical Developer of Pubg’s new State.

In which country, New State Mobile is Available?

New State Mobile is available in India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Korea, America, etc. Countries.

What is PUBG New State MOD APK?

Pubg’s new State MOD Apk is a modified version of its original APK. It has lots of MODS such as Auto Aim, Unlimited NC, NO Ban, Root, etc.

is it Safe on my Account?

PUBG New State has Strong Security for the Moded version. Althrough, this Hack is Developed by a Professional, it will Work Fine on your Account. But, we recommend to now to Use on Your Main Account.

How to get Unlimited NC in Pubg New State?

Download the MOD APK of PUBG New State or Purchase NC from Playstore to get Unlimited NC.

Final Words

This is all about New MOD APK, ESP HACK, AimBot, and more. You find all these Hacks for Paid on the Internet. But, we are Providing these Hacks for Free.

If you encounter any issues concerning the installation or download you can ask us in the comments section and we’ll do our best to help out. Additionally, sign up to push notifications and emails for updates every

So, this is all about New State MOD APk, In this, we Talk about Pubbg New State hack Apkk for Andriod. New State MOD APK and OBB Download. If you have any problems while Downloading and Installation of PUbg New State Hack Apk. Let Us Know in the Comment Section. We will Try to Respond to you As soon as possible. Thank you for Reading and Keep Visiting for More New State MOD and New Keys. Thank You.

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