PUBG/ BGMI M8 Royal Pass Leaks, Release Date, All RP Rewards, Price, and More

BGMI M8 Royale Pass Rewards, Release date, Rewards & More. The upcoming BGMI M8 update will include the new 50 RP Outfits, Skins, Frames, and Many Rewards. So, in this article, we are going to see the 1 to 50 RP Rewards of BGMI C2S4 M8 RP Rewards Leak.

According to the official M7 ROYAL PASS, it will expire on February 20, 2022, at 07:59 a.m. (IST). The New BGMI M8 Royal Pass Will Be Available On February 20th, 2022 at 08:00 AM.

BGMI and PUBG M8 Royale Pass Release Date

BGMI and Pubg Mobile M8 Royale Pass Release date are 20 February 2022 at 8:00 AM. The price of BGMI M8 will be 360 UC (Rs. 420). This update will be available to Andriod and iOS Users at exact same time.

BGMI M8 will bring new Features, Rewards, companions, Skins, Outfits, and Modes. The next update of BGMI M8 is going to get new 50 RP Outfits and Frames.

PUBG Mobile M8 Royale Pass Leaks

Pubg Mobile C2S4 M8 Contain lots of New Outfits, Skins, and Many More. We are going to see only the Best Rewards of M8. Common things such as Coins UC, Cards, etc.

  1. BGMI M8 Lobby Skin
  2. BGMI M8 New Companion: Cathy Companion
  3. BGMI M8 Avatar Frame
  4. BGMI M8 50 RP – Dree Avatar
  5. BGMI M8 50 Rp Avatar

PUBG Mobile or BGMI C2S4 M8 RP Leaks

Noe, let’s see the 1 – 50 RP Rewards of M8 BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

BGMI and PUBG M8 1 RP Reward

At RP 1, we will get a Brand New QBZ – Play Date skin and a Cactus Constable Set.

BGMI and PUBG M8 10 RP Reward

AT Rp 5 we will get a MOMO Orgnament skin for the Backpack. and RP 10 We will get a Bag skin as you can see Above.

BGMI and PUBG M8 20 RP Reward

momo grenade

At Rp 20, we will get a Momo Grenade. This grenade is based on Cow Texture.

BGMI and PUBG M8 30 RP Reward

Playdate finish

At Rp 20, we will get a PlayDate finish Plane.

BGMI and PUBG M8 40 RP Reward

At 40 Royale Pass Skin, we will get a Peak Performance – ScarL Skin.

BGMI and PUBG M8 50 RP Reward

bgmi m8 Mythic Outfit

Finally, at RP 50 we will get a Scarlet Ranger Set.

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Final Words

So, this is a list of all the Rp Rewards of BGMI and Pubg Mobile M8 from 1 to 50.

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