Pubg Lite V0.23 GFX Tool Download (Unlock 60 & 90 Fps) | Pubg Lite MOD Gfx Tool Download – (All Graphics Unlocked)

Hey, battlegrounds Lover are you looking for an pubg Lite V0.23 Gfx tool for Best Pubg Mobile Lite Gaming Experience? So, in this article we are providing an Pubg Mobile Lite 0.23 GFX Tool MOD Apk for Android Users. This help to unlock the 60 fps for all Android Devices and 90 Fps for Some Specific Devcies. So, let get Started.

I have use the provided Config File in My Android Device Poco X3, it does Perffectly work and doesn’t not cause any Probel .So, You can also use this for your Devices.

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Pubg Lite GFX Tool MOD Apk Download

Pubg Mobile Lite V0.23 GFX Tool Download

Pubg Lite GFX help to optimize the Graphics of Pubg Mobile Lite for the low end Users. This will help to Render the Graphics Faster than Normal Speed and Player can easily Play pubg lite without any Lagining and Frame Drop issue.

Pubg Lite also decrease the Heating issue in some Mobile. PUBG LITE NO RECOIL NO GRESS fille enjoy all my friend and improve your the game use and this hack and easily any enemy kill with no require file and no grass file using and pubg mobile LITE.

Features of Pubg Mobile Lite GFX Tool (MOD Apk)

These are some features of Pubg Mobile Lite GFX Tool for Android.

1. Unlock Extreme Graphics Settings

You can Unlock the 60 Fps (Extreme) Graphics Seettings in Pubg Lite with the help of Pubg Lite MOD Gfx Tool. Also for some mobile it Enable 90 fps if device support 120 Hz Refresh Rate. YOU CAN UNLOCK Below graphics Setting…

  1. Smooth + 90 FPS
  2. Balanced + 90 FPS
  3. HD + 90 FPS
  4. HDR + 90 FPS
  5. Ultra HD + 90 FPS

2. iPad Views Unlocked

iPad view help you to broadly specate the Ground More Clearly. Get a Fully Customized IPAD View with a single click! Available in a wide variety of options like ultra-wide view, small scopes, large scopes, mini IPAD view, etc.

3. Unlock Max FPS

hd graphics pubg lite

Unlock the pubg Mobile Lite Highest FPS including 60 fps, 90 fps, and 120 Fps in Pubg Mobile Lite. 120 Fps can only unlocked in Pubg Lite MOD Apk.

4. Remove Heating issue

If you device Heat a lot then this will Help to fix that Problem. Pubg Lite MOD Gfx Tool Help to Prevent the Heating issue by cooling down and make less pressure on Device.

How to Download and Install Pubg Lite GFX Tool?

It is very simple to Downloa and Install Pubg Lite mOD GFX Tool in your Android Devices. Follow the step given below and Your Can enjoy the Pubg lite.

  • Step 1: Download the Pubg Lite GFX Tool from Above Download Link.
  • Step 2: Enable “Install Apps from Unknown Source” Setting from Phone Setting Options.
  • Step 3: Install the Pubg Lite GFX Setting and Rn the Tool.

Congratulation, Puubg lite GFX is Successfully installed in your Device.

Best GFX Setting for Pubg Mobile Lite

  • Select Version: 0.23 (Pubg Lite)
  • Resolution: 1024×576
  • Graphics: Smooth
  • FPS: 60FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disable
  • Style: Colorful
  • Rendering Quality: Low
  • Light Effect: Disable
  • GPU Optimization: Disable
  • Water Reflection: Disable
  • Save Controls: Enalble

Pubg Lite GFX Tool Download Link 2022

How to Enable 60 Fps in Pubg Lite?

Pubg Lite Support only particular device for 60 FPS (Extreme) Options. If you want to Enable 60 fps in Pubg Lite You can Use Pubg Lite GFX Tool.

Heating is a major problem while paying Pubg Lite. To overcome from the heating problem, you can Pubg Lite GFX Tool to cooldown your Device.


So, this is all about Pubg Lite GFX Tool for Android Mod Apk Download. Don’t forget to share with your friends and Family Who love Playing Pubg Lite but there Device Hang a lot. This will definitely Fixed there Problems, Thank you.

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