Regaltos BGMI ID Number, Age, Controls, Senstivity & More 2021

Regaltos is a Professional eSports Players and a YouTuber. He is Popularly Known for his Presence in Soul Clan. So, In this article, we are going to see in-depth information about Regaltos including his Name, Age, BGMI ID Number, Controls, Sensitivity setting, and More. So, let’s get Started.

Source: Instagram (@soul_Regaltos)

Regaltos BGMI ID Number

Regaltos Bgmi ID Number is 593193849 and BGMI Character Name is SouLReGalToS. He is a Professional eSports Player. Regaltos has more than 8000 Likes on his Bgmi Profile. Soul Regaltos has a million Bgmi Popularity. He is a Pro Player with an Average k/d of 5.

Regaltos Bgmi ID Number
BGMI ID Number593193849
BGMI Character IDSouLReGalToS
Clan NameSoul
Crew NameNot in Crew
Account Level 78

Regaltos YouTube

Soul Regaltos Started his Youtube Channel on 10 December 2015 and Now he has more than 2 Million Subscribers. He is in a Soul Clan. Regaltos has High Bgmi Skills and a Game Science. Soul Regaltos got Name and Fame because of Bgmi or PUBG Mobile.

Regaltos BGMI Stats & Controls

Regaltos Bgmi Stats is Really Impressive. He has an Average K/D of 5.

Regaltos Bgmi Controls

Hydra Dynamo BGMI Sensitivity Setting

Camera Sensitivity

3rd person100%Camera120%
1st Person100%


3rd Person115%1st Person90%
Red, Holo & Aim29%2x Scope1%
3x Scope8%4x Scope8%
6x Scope6%8x Scope6%

ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person100%1st Person100%
Red, Holo & Aim20%2x Scope2%
3x Scope8%4x Scope4%
6x Scope8%8x Scope6%


3rd Person300%1st Person300%
Red, Holo & Aim300%2x Scope300%
3x Scope240%4x Scope225%
6x Scope65%8x Scope80%

Final Words

So, this is all About Soul Regaltos. If You like this article Please let Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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