How to Register for BGMI Customs or Srims

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Hey Fellow Gamer, do you Want to Play Battlegrounds Mobile India (or PUBG) Scrims? But, You donโ€™t know, How to Register Your Team Properly. So, In this article, Iโ€™m Going to Explain, How can You Register On BGMI Customs.

How to Play BGMI Customs (Scrims)?

As we all Know BGMI is Not Launched Officially. So, we are Conducting Scrims Of PUBG Mobile. As soon as BGMI gets Launched we will start Conducting Scrims Of BGMI too. Registration Process for Both the Game is Gonna be Same. So, letโ€™s see How can You register Your Squad For Scrims.

How to Register for BGMI Customs or Srims
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You can Register Your Squad On Discord or Whatsapp. Registration is Very Simple & Straight Forward.

How to Register Your Team On Whatsapp?

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We will announce the Match Information including Time, Date, Map, Type, etc. On Whatsapp. Along with that, We will Also Announce the Registration Timing. Normally, Our Whatsapp Group Chat Option is Disabled. But, We Open the Chat Option in between Registration Timing. So, You can Send Your Team in Proper Format.

If You Not On Our Whatsapp Group. Join Our Discord You can Register Your Squad through Discord too.

format of Pubg Registration on whatsapp

So, In this Manner, You have to Register Your Squad. In the Place Of Player ID Number, You have to Put PUBG or BGMI ID Number and at Player In-game Name, Your Game Name. After Filling in all the Information You list will look this

format of Pubg Registration on whatsapp

Once, You Send Your Team, In the Above Manner. We will check All the Information and Provide Your Team a Slot Number. Before 15 Minutes of Match Timing, Room ID and Password will be Send to Whatsapp Group. You have to Join that Room At the Given Time. Remember, Only Register Squad will get Entry, Other will get Kicked From Room.

Now, Letโ€™s See How You can Register your Squad On Discord?

How to Register PUBG Scrims on Discord?

To get Register Your Team On Discord. First, You have to Join Our Discord Server. Click Here to Join Our Discord. Once, You Join Our Discord First You have to Choose Self-Roles to Get Special Access Of Our Server.

Now, Like Whatsapp, You have to Send Your Team Names in #-register-team Channel with Proper Format.

bgmi Scrims in discord

If You get any Problem Regarding Registration or Our Discord Server You can Contact Our Administrator or Moderator. Thank You.

Also Read: Rules & Regulation to JOIN BGMI Customs

Note: We May Change the Registration Process in the Upcoming Times. Also, This is Not an Official Scrims or Tournament of Battlegrounds in Mobile India.

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