Rules & Regulations For BGMI Customs

Rules & Regulations

RULE – 1 : Emulator / Hackers Are Not Allowed.

RULE – 2 : If You Have Been Killed By Hacker Then Record Death Replay. After Seeing The Recording Only Action Shall Be Taken.

RULE – 5 : No Abusive Language Will Be Tolerated Neither With The Management Nor With The Any Other Team Player

RULE – 6 : Team Ups Are Strictly Prohibited. If Found Your Team Will Be Banned From All Upcoming Events And Scrims.

RULE – 7 : We Will Give Ban For Not Attending Customs After Doing Registration Of There Squad.

RULE – 8 : Cancellation Of Slot Will Only Be Accepted If You Cancel Within 1 Hour Of Registration.

Rule 9: Do not sit in others slot otherwise it will result in kick from tha room

RULE 10 : Join on time,match will start on exact time

RULE 11 : Using others tag for Registeration will result in ban

RULES 12 : Do Not Share, ROOM ID & Password With Any Other Unregistered Player. If we find You are Sharing ID & Pass with Someone Your Team will get Permanently BAN.

RULES 13 : As we all know, PUBG has many glitches, so we request you not to exploit any glitches. If any team is found exploiting any kind of bugs or glitches, they will be disqualified from that match.

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