Soul Viper BGMI ID Number, Biography, Age, Senstivity, Controls, Girlfriend

Hey gamers, are You Looking for SouL Viper Controls and Sensitivity Settings? So, in this article, we are going to See Soul Viper BGMI Controls, Sensitivity Settings, Earning, and More. So, Let’s get started.

soul viper

Soul Viper is a Co-Leader of Soul Clan. The Real Name of  Soul Viper is Yash Parmesh soni. He is a PMIS 2019 Champion. SouViper Has a youtube channel with more than 1.14M+ subscribers.

SouL Viper BGMI ID Number

Soul Viper BGMI ID Number is 587552420 and BGMI Character Name is SouLVipeR. He has more than 56K+ Popularity. Currently, he is not in any Clan and May soon Join Soul Clan.

Soul Viper BGMI ID
BGMI ID Number587552420
BGMI Character IDSouLVipeR
Clan NameSouL
Crew NameNot in Crew
Account Level77

SouL Viper YouTube

Soul Viper Started his Youtube Channel on 3 Dec 2018 and now he has more than 1.5 Million Subscribers. Viper is one of the best eSports Players. He is an Indian and lives in India. He is a member Of the Soul Clan. Soul Viper’s favorite subject is maths till 10th standard.

Viper meets Mortal in Pubg Mobile and they Became Best Friends. Before, the Launch of PUBG Mobile he used to Play Free Fire. In WWE Randy Orton is Viper favorite wrestler and his nickname is Viper so, He always uses viper even in counter-strike his name was a viper

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SouL Viper BGMI Stats & Controls

Viper has not Played a Much Classic Match, So , he has Verage K/D of 3.5 in few Matches. Soul Viper Control is Not Available for Now. But, You can Show his Controls in Below Images.

Soul Viper Bgmi Controls
Source: YouTube (Soul Viper)

SouL Viper BGMI Sensitivity Setting

Camera Sensitivity

3rd person100%Camera100%
1st Person70%


3rd Person100%1st Person88%
Red, Holo & Aim50%2x Scope30%
3x Scope22%4x Scope14%
6x Scope12%8x Scope10%

ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person120%1st Person88%
Red, Holo & Aim50%2x Scope30%
3x Scope22%4x Scope20%
6x Scope14%8x Scope8%


3rd Person230%1st Person230%
Red, Holo & Aim300%2x Scope210%
3x Scope185%4x Scope150%
6x Scope120%8x Scope80%

Soul Viper Social Media

If You wan to Contact Soul Viper You can Contact him on his Official Socal Media Account. Below is an Offiial Social media Handle Accoun of Soul Viper including Soul Viper Discord, YouTube, Facebok , and Email.

InstagramVisit Now
YouTubeVisit Now
Nimo TVVisit Now
DiscordVisit Now
Email[email protected]

Final Words

So, this is all About Soul Viper BGMI ID Number, Age, Viper Controls and Sensitivity, and More. So, If you like this article or any Doubts Please let Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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