Top 10 BGMI Players in India 2023 - (Richest, Stats, & More)

Top 10 BGMI Players in India 2023 – (Richest, Stats, & More)

Hey, Gamers are you Looking for a Top 10 Best and Popular BGMI Player in India 2023? So, in this article, we are going to see Most Popular Battlegrounds Mobile India Players or Streamers in 2023. So, let’s get started.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has got deep in the Indian Gaming Industry and has Millions of Active players. Among them, There is some Content Creator who gets Immense Love and Support from their Audience. Among them, some are professional esports Players and some are good at Content Creation.

Top 10 BGMI Player

Top 10 Best BGMI Players in 2023

We have added a Top 10 BGMI Players list based on their audience Interaction and Fan Following. If we have not added your favorite Player, don’t get offended since this article will get Updated as soon as Audience Choice Changes.

Ranking Players
2Jonathan Gaming
6Dynamo Gaming
8Antaryami Gaming
10BandookBaaz Gaming

Number 1 BGMI Player in India


Scout is a No 1 BGMI Player in India. Tanmay Singh Popularly Known as Scout is 25 years old boy from the Valsad City of Gujarat. Scout’s BGMI ID Number is 5277297232 and their BGMI Character Name is Tonkiroo. Scout is a professional eSports Player and a Content Creator. Scout has an Average K/D of 4 in BGMI.

2. Jonathan Gaming


Jonathan Gaming is a Content Creator, Streamer, and eSports Athlete at TSM ENTITY. He is also a Professional BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Player. Jonathan is Popularly Known for his 1v4 Clutches. Jonathan has more than 3.9 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

3. Mavi


Mavi is an Indian YouTuber and a Professional eSports Player. Bgmi ID Number of Mavi is 537921262. He is in OR (Orange) Clan. Mavi has Participated in Many Pubg Tournaments and has Won Many of them, He is an Indian and lives in India. Mavi has a Good Gaming Sence and Gaming Skills. He has More than 7000 likes on his Bgmi Profile.

4. Snax Gaming

Snax Gaming

Snax Gaming is a YouTube Channel Which is Owned by Raj Verma. He is popularly known for his Good Game Sence & Reflexes in BGMI or Pubg Mobile. Snax is a Popular Bgmi Player known for his Presence in IND Clan. Snax Gaming’s bgmi ID Number is 585127130 and Bgmi Character Name is TeamINDSnax.

5. Regaltos

Source: Instagram (@soul_Regaltos)

Regaltos is a Professional eSports Players and a YouTuber. He is Popularly Known for his Presence in Soul Clan. Regaltos Bgmi ID Number is 593193849 and BGMI Character Name is SouLReGalToS. He is a Professional eSports Player. Regaltos has more than 8000 Likes on his Bgmi Profile.

6. Dynamo Gaming

Aditya Sawant is the Owner of the Hydra Dynamo YouTube Channel. He has more than 9.6 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Dynamo started his YouTube Channel on 21 July 2010. He is Very Passionate About Gaming. Aaditya Sawant was born in Mumbai in a Marathi family on 18 April 1996 and his age is 26 Years old (As of 2023). He is currently living in Lokhanvala Complex Andheri West Mumbai

7. Mortal

Soul Mortal Bgmi

Naman Mathur is the Owner of the Mortal YouTube Channel. He has More than 6.5 Million Subscribers on YouTube with more than 900M+ total Views. MorTaL started his YouTube Channel on 23 September 2013. BGMI ID Number of Soul Mortal is 590211476 and Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Character ID Name is SouLmorTaL

8. Antaryami Gaming

Rishabh Verma is an Owner of an Antaryami Gaming YouTube Channel. He has more than 5 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel & it’s Growing Rapidly. He is Popularly Known for his Funny Commentary Videos. Antaryami BGMI ID Number is 583147218 and BGMI Username is NADExAntaryami.

9. Ghatak

Ghatak is an Indian esports player and a Youtuber with more than 550K Subscribers. He is a coach of the GodLike Esports Clan. God Like Ghatak Bgmi ID Number is 5124621984 and BGMI Username is GoDLGHATAK. His Account level is 74 and has more than 8000 Likes on his Profile.

10. BandookBaaz Gaming

Bandookbaaz Gaming is an Indian YouTuber & a Blogger. He has more than 1.5 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. The real name of the Owner of BandooKBaaZ Gaming Is  Indrajit Singh. Bandookbaaz Gaming BGMI ID Number is 514083312 and BGMI in-game Name is ĦBandookBaaZ.

So, this is all about the Top 10 BGMI Players and No 1 BGMI Players in World. No, let’s see the Richest BGMI Player in 2023.

Richest BGMI Player in 2023

Richest BGMI Player

As we all know, Making Money through BGMI is not easy. But, once you get Enough Audience you can earn a lot. The richest BGMI Player in 2023 is Dynamo Gaming. He has More than 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube and has Average views of 400K.

Dynamo  Gaming Richest bgmi Player

Dynamo Gaming Make Money through YouTube ads, sponsorships, Paid Promotions, etc. Average Earning of Dynamo Gaming through one Live Stream is around 2 – 3 Lakhs (Adds, Sponsorship, Promotion). The monthly Income of Dynamo Gaming is 20 Lakhs and the Estimated Net Worth of Dynamo Gaming is 5 Crore.

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