How to get Unlimited UC in Pubg Mobile – Genuine Ways

In this article, we are Going to Discuss, How can You get Unlimited PUBG UC for Absolutely Free? We provide only Genuine Ways to get Free UC So, so this is 100% Safe and You are PUBG Account will Be Secure. Get unlimited UC In Pubg Mobile India. Best Way to Earn PUBG Mobile UC For Free. Best app For Earning Pubg Mobile UC in 2023. Get PUBG Mobile Royale Pass For Free

Welcome to, here we Provide all the PUBG Mobile Related Stuffs, MOD Applications, and Games. We also Cover Some Important News regarding PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Let’s Move to Your Topics, How to Get PUBG UC for Free in 2023?

What is PUBG Mobile UC?

PUBG UC is an In-Game Currency of PUBG Mobile, Which helps you to Buys Various In-game Premium Materials. This includes many Rewards likes, Royale Pass, Upgradable Gun, Gun Skins, Outfits, and Many More. To Get UC You can Buy it from Store or You can Win by Playing Bonus Challenge.

The inner wish of every pubg player is to buy a Royale pass. But, as we all know Royal pass is not free. we have to spend 600 UC which is almost equal to 800 INR to buy a PUBG Royal pass. But, most of the people who play PUBG are students and they don’t have enough money to buy a Royal pass. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. I am going to help you to get a free UC and Free PUBG Mobile Royal Pass.

Pubg Unlimited UC
Pubg Unlimited UC

How to Get PUBG UC for Free in 2023?

I am going to share with you some personal tips by which I and my squad had to buy a PUBG Royal pass for absolutely free. I am not going to tell you about any third-party website that generates a lot of PUBG UC just by writing usernames. These Tips are gonna be very genuine and 100% Working for you so don’t worry about it.

We are going to use some coolest and Best methods by which we can collect lots of PUBG UC in a short time. As soon as we collect 600 UC, we can easily Buy a PUBG Mobile Royal pass

Now, you might be thinking that how we can Free PUBG UC. Trust me, it is a very Easy Method. We are going to Earn Some UC Directly from PUBG Mobile (I will provide Some effective TIPS for that), some tricks by which we can collect lots of UC from a Small amount and Finally Some Best Money Giving Apps.

With the help of these Hacks, we can easily collect lots of UCs for PUBG Mobile Finally, we will buy a Royale pass.

1. Play Bonus Challenge

The Best way to earn a free UC is to play a Bonus challenge and Bonus Reward. Now, you might be saying that at the bonus challenge, most of the players who come in the lobby are PRO players and Time Hackers also enter that lobby.

See in Bonus Challenge Kills Doesn’t matter you will get only 15 battle coins per kill. while if you rank in the top 10 or even get chicken dinner you will get  300 battle coins.

Bonus challenge

See 1000 battle Coin=100 UC. So, always try to play safe and land far away from the plane line and try to survive for the last circle once you come under the top 10 then always try to take the chicken dinner. Bonus reward Has 3 types of challenges by completing these challenges you can easily make up to 3000 battle coins. Which is Equal to 300 UC.

For More Information And Pro tips for taking Chicken Dinner in Bonus challenge and Bonus Reward. Read This Article. (Coming soon). Since PUBG is Banned in India we can’t Access to Indian Bonus Challenge in India. But, it will be added to the Game Soon.

2. Buy UC from Playstore at a Cheap Rate

For this hack, you need a Gmail Address Which is at Atleast 1-month-old. If it is more than 1 month then it will be good.

google play credits for PUBG Mobile

Now, Open Google Play Store. Click on the three-line on the top left side of the search box. Then click on Notifications. In Notifications, You will see Some Amount of Play Credit, it may be ₹60, ₹70, etc

Then  Click On claim now. Now, That amount of Credit is inserted into your Account. If you are not able to see any notification, then wait some days. Google will definitely give you credit,  just check notifications daily or  Even you can create lots of  Gmail so your chances of getting a reward increase.


Don’t buy UC Directly With these amounts. Now, once you have a claim that amount. Open PUBG Mobile. You will see a Crown logo just the side of your name. When you click on that you will see a  screen for a Prime Membership subscription. Click on the Prime membership ₹85. 

Suppose you got ₹70 from google play. Now, you have to add only ₹15 for a prime subscription. Once you Subscribe to Prime you will get a daily 5UC. Like this, you will get a total of 150UC From just ₹15.
For Paying ₹15 you will need a debit card, Credit card, or net banking. But, Most of the students do not have any one of these. With the help of the ICICI Pocket App, you can easily create a Free net banking username and password. ( I will explain in the next article or you can search on youtube for more information).

We are going to use Best and Real money Giving apps with the help of which we can collect money for buying UC in PUBG Mobile. These apps are very Genuine and It will give 100% money by working on them.  

Now, to earn Some Real Money I am Giving you the best Working Earning app. With the help of this app, you can really earn a Lump Sum Amount of Money. Let’s, See how can you download and Register.

3. Best PUBG UC Earning Apps

RozDhan App- ₹50 On Signup+₹5/Refer

1. First of All Download the RozDhan App From the Given Link Here :

2. It will Redirect you to your Browser and Now Just Click on Install RozDhan Now and Earn Rs.50 Immediately Icon.

3. Now it Will Redirect you to the Play Store So Just install it from Play Store and Open App.

4. It will ask you to Choose your Language so Select your Language and Go Ahead!

5. Now Enter your Unregistered Mobile Number and Continue.

6. It will Ask you to Allow all Permissions so Allow it and then Verify your Mobile Number with OTP.

7. If it will ask you to Enter Refer Code then Just Enter the Given Refer Code and Get Rs.25 Sign Up Bonus + Rs.25 Invitation Bonus instantly. : (Must Enter Refer Code to Get Rs.25 Invitation Bonus)

Rozdhan App Invitation Code is – 0G5NA9

8. You will Get instantly 1250 Coins Sign Up Bonus + 1250 Coins For Entering the Given Refer Code = Rs.25 + Rs.25, a total of Rs.50 for Just installing the App.

9. Now Go to the Earn Money Icon From the Bottom and Check in to Daily Coins and Earn Extra Coins on Daily Basis.

10. Complete your Profile and Get 200 Coins Extra after Uploading Pic, DOB, and Other information.

11. Go to Home Icon and Now Share or Write Articles, Share Videos, and Upload Videos and on Each View and Likes, you will get Coins.

12. Your Daily Earned Coins will automatically Convert into Cash in your Wallet on the Very Next Day.

13. You can Invite Friends by Sharing your Refer Link / Code and you will get 1250 Coins Per Refer.

14. So, Start Referring Friends and Earn Big Amount Online Using RozDhan App.

There are many apps that give money, But this is the best for earning cash. with the help of these apps, we can easily earn up to Rs. 400 in a week. with the help of this money, We Can Buy PUBG UC for free.

4. Arrange PUBG Tournaments

You can earn lots of money by arranging PUBG Tournament. If you put a good winning prize lots of people will join in the tournaments and you will get profit.

  • Let’s Assume, You set 30rs entry charges per player.
  • And 80 Players are in a match
  • 30*80=2400
  • Now Put a Prize of 15rs per kill so that even if 80 players are killed, You have to pay only 1200Rs.
  • 2400-1200= 1200rs.
  • 1200Rs will be your earnings and profit. Suppose 300rs is gone to purchase a Room card. Then also you have 900rs in your profit.   With the help  of this amount, you can  easily buy a Royal pass

What is PUBG Mobile UC Hack 2023?

These are Some Most the Easiest Way to Collect UC for Absolutely Free. These tips are 100% Safe and Genuine ways to Earn UC. Always remember, there is no other way to get PUBG UC for Free. All those PUBG UC Generators are Fake and Make You Fool. Sometimes they may hack your devices. So, Stay away from PUBG UC Generators.

So, these are some Pro PUBG UC hacks that will help you to Buy PUBG Royal Pass for Absolutely Free in 2023. If You like this article Share it with Your Friends. Thank You.

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