6 Easiest & Effective Way to Money from BGMI & Pubg Mobile

1. Arrange or Play Tournaments

You can earn lots of money by arranging BGMI Tournament. If you put a good winning prize lots of people will join in the tournaments and you will get profit.

If you have Strong Enough Team you can Play Tournaments and Earn lots of Money from BGMI or Pubg Tournaments

2. Start a Gaming Blog Website

You can Create a Blog Website with the Help of Blogger and WordPress. Blogging means Writing Blogs and Drive Traffic to Your Blogs. You can Learn Blogging from YouTube.

3. Start BGMI - PUBG Instagram Fan Page

You have to create a BGMI Instagram Meme Page. Then, You have to Upload PUBG Mobile Content (Memes, Videos, Updates, & More) Regularly with Proper Hashtags

Once, You Reach at least 10K Followers. You will start Receiving Paid Promotions and You can Earn decent amount through Promotions

4. Became a Pro  eSports Player

Esports Industry is booming day by day. If you have good skills you can become an eSports Player for Popular BGMI Clans.

Once, You became popular in esports, You will get lots of Promotion Request from Reputed Gaming Companies.

5. Became a GFX Graphics Designer

GFX Designers’ Demand in the gaming industry is very high. But, there are fewer number Best GFX designers is there.

there are Many Players who want a Custom Mascot Logo and YouTubers who wanted to make a YouTube Thumbnail. You can Make Paid Logo & Thumbnail at a Good Amounts

6. Start a Gaming YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is one of the Most Common and hardest ways to Make Money. There is no doubt, that it has lots of Money. But, to grow a YouTube Channel from Strach is Very Tough. It Requires Lots of hard work, Dedication, and Patience.

So, this is all About, 6 Ways to Make Money from Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Mobile 

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