Best BGMI Weapon Combinations in 2022

#1 Combination 

M416 + AWM

M416 and AWM is a Best Combo for an Overall Performance. It helps you to deal with Close, Medium, & Long Range. You can Replace AWM with M24 If you want No-Air Drop Guns. 

#2 Combination

UZI has Fire Rate of 1200 Rounds/ Minute, which is Highest in BGMI and M762 is one of the Highest Damaging Gun in BGMI.

UZI + M762

 for Close Range

#3 Combination

Groza is a Very Powerful Gun in BGMI. It has highest Damage Point and Fire Rate Among AR's. 

Groza + MK14

 for Close Range (Air-Drop Weapon)

Mk14 in Auto is Also Known as GOD Mode. It can also be used in Medium & Long Range 

#4 Combinaton

Dp-28 is a Powerful Weapon for Medium Range & Moderate for Long Range. S12k is efficient for Close Range Fight

Dp-28 + S12K

 For Medium Range

M24 + Dp-28

#5 Combination

Long Range

Kar98k + M416