Top 5 BGMI Player in India 2022

Tanmay Singh Popularly Known as Scout is 25 years old boy from Valsad city of Gujarat. Scout’s BGMI ID Number is 5277297232

Jonathan Gaming is a Content Creator, Streamer, and eSports Athlete at TSM ENTITY. He Known for his 1v4 Clutches

Snax Gaming is a YouTube Channel Which is Owned by Raj Verma. He is popularly known for his Good Game Sence & Reflexes in BGMI

Ghatak is an Indian esports player and a Youtuber with more than 550K Subscribers. He is a coach of the GodLike Esports Clan. God Like Ghatak Bgmi ID Number is 5124621984

Aditya Sawant is the Owner of the Hydra Dynamo YouTube Channel. He has more than 9.6 Million Subscribers on YouTube

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