With these Skills, You Can Beat Even the Expert Bubble Shooter Players

Bubble shooter is a game from the last few decades that has slowly risen in popularity among everyone who loves to play online games visually similar to old arcade games. The game’s simplicity is infectious, and people have been drawn to it like bees to honey.

To play bubble shooter, first, you need the app, then you need to get associated with the controls, which are rather too easy, and one can learn it on the first go. The game’s main goal is to burst all the bubbles on the top of the screen and get a high score. You can increase this high score by making large combos using various skills and tricks with proper timing. There are several levels to the game, and as you go higher, the game gets quite difficult. You can also play it against an opponent online and test your skills against each other.

Let’s check out some of the skills you should focus on when you are on the road to beating every top player in the bubble shooter game.

Angle Your Shots

Your basic instinct would be to shoot at the bubbles and aim at them correctly so that they form combos and you can reach even further into the hive. To play your shots, you need to move the bubble launcher to an angle where it permeates the front barrier and enters the space you have created. Do bank shots at an angle; it will give you more of an edge than straight shots. Bank shots will bounce the side and wiggle past the tight space to give you access deeper into the bubble space so you can hit the main clusters in the back.

Use Power Ups

Power-ups are your best friends in the game. Use them as often as you can to get your score higher faster. You get a choice of fireball, bomb, and wild bubble, among many other innovative bubbles that have been added to the game to make it more interesting. Change your choice of bubbles from the left bottom corner at the right time, as that will determine you as a player with keen observation and startle your opponent with your sudden move.

Race the Timer

Without thinking about the opponent, you must think about the clock racing past your given time. If you can master the use of the time you are provided, you will also overcome the opponent. Your only goal would be to beat the clock and get the maximum score in a short amount of time. An opponent who is more focused on the challenging player’s gameplay is not someone who can score much high in the game of bubble shooting.

Coordinate Shots

Every shot must lead to the next, which is how the game should be played to develop order. You need to have a stable thought about your approach to the game and not hurry with shooting the bubbles as you get them. Make each shot count so you can score from every turn you get on the cannon. If you shoot the balls well in a pattern, your bonuses will be high, and you will be rewarded with huge points that will let you decimate the more experienced bubble shooter on the other side.

Do not aim wrongly since the levels only get harder in the next rounds, so you must keep constantly evolving your game and scheme your gameplay around that core aim of superseding your last effort.


With unmoving focus, anything is achievable in life, which is marked as true for bubble shooter games. Every game on bubble shooter demands you to focus on the hive of bubbles dangling on the top of the screen. If you do not make a map of this inside your head, you can’t penetrate the hive at the best angles and get the best score. If you get distracted, you lose precious time, so once the clock starts ticking, keep your eyes on the screen and fire away.

Target Hanging Bubbles

One thing you would find that opponents forget to do is that they do not target the hanging bubbles. Hanging bubbles are stray bubbles seen on the screen by a cluster at a random corner. These hanging bubbles often have bubbles of the same color right next to them, so the idea is that the moment you get a similarly colored bubble, you should shoot it right away at this point. This will instantly burst all the bubbles in that corner, and you will see a lot of space has been freed up in that section. It is a lucky shot, and you will not always get such a situation in the game, but using it will certainly put you ahead of your opponents.

Final Words

Bubble shooters are the best way to kill some free time on your phone that does not make much use of the battery or ram of your device. The game is challenging and a good stress buster when you have dealt with a lot of work at the office and have a stressed-out mind that you need to refreshen. If you focus on these skills, you will find that your grasp of the game has drastically improved, and you can slay opponents anywhere on the internet, no matter how experienced they are. A piece of good advice is to play it regularly and not lose the flow, as that could disrupt your game against players who play bubble shooters for half the time of their waking hours.

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